Research on Digital Transformation of Textile SMEs Under the Digital Economy


Abstract: Under the wave of the digital economy, it is of great practical significance for textile SMEs, the important driving force in Shaoxing’s economic development, to effectively realize digital transformation.By conducting questionnaires and interviews and considering the development scale and the development stage, the paper investigates the status quo, pain points, path choices, and policy appeal related to the digital transformation of 128 local textile SMEs in Shaoxing. The results showed that these textile companies face common bottlenecks as follows: weak consciousness, lack of practice, single selection of transformation paths, differentiated policy demands, etc. On the basis of that, the paper suggests building a digital talent system including introduction, cultivation, reservation, management, and service chain, solving difficulties in financing with inclusive finance, establishing the connection between digital service providers and textile SMEs, establishing a sound policy system for promoting the digital transformation of SMEs.

Key words: small and medium-sized enterprises; digital transformation; textile