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CHINA TEXTILE LEADER (CTL) is a monthly journal focusing on worldwide technological development across all sectors of the textile industry; the sole steering publication in Chinese textile circle created to help industry and enterprise decision-makers interpret technological policies and industry regulations, keep them informed of the development trend of both technology and market; and a worldwide respected media offering a platform for textile industry insiders to exchange ideas and share the information about major events in the global textile industry.


Sponsor: China National Textile and Apparel Council
Publisher: China Textile Information Center



Pay Close Attention to the Advancement of Textile Technology; Help Enterprises Increase Their Fortune.

From a new, macro and forward-looking point of view, to discover the huge value and limitless potential brought by textile technological progress, analyze the changes on technological market, facilitate the value-generating and value-passing process, realize the self-value of media, promote the fortune increase of enterprises and play the guiding role in the development of China’s textile industry.



To Become the Most Authoritative Steering Journal in China’s Textile Industry
Reporting global development trend of textile science and technology, probing into the innovative management concept and successful experiences of companies at home and abroad and analyzing major technological achievements, CHINA TEXTILE LEADER is the most authoritative and steering journal for decision-makers, managerial personnel, marketing personnel, R & D fellows and millions of employees in the textile field.




To advocate textile technological innovation
To report on advanced applicable technology
To give guidance to enterprises in product development
To provide a communication channel


Steering, forward-looking, authoritative and original.