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Core Targeted Readership

Elites of textile circle – decision-makers of textile industry, middle-level and senior management of enterprises

- They have decision-making power and managerial capability and they are opinion leaders with certain influential in textile circle;
- They are well-educated and have rich experiences;
- They have deep insight and original view on the textile industry.

Technological leaders of textile enterprises – chief engineers in enterprises and responsible persons in technical centers, R & D centers and textile labs.

- They hold leading position in technology, R & D and testing work, keep abreast of the developments in related technological field;
- They are in the Management and forefront of production, and they are the initiator and practitioner of the technological advancement campaign;
- They have a say in introducing applicable new technology and equipment.
Enterprising persons who want to acquire more information resources

- They are keen on learning more new and first-hand information as well as more advanced and inspiring professional skills and business and management knowledge

Extended Readership

Potential investors

- They are highly value-sensitive and they have strong capital strength and pioneering spirit, they constitute the major force that promotes the fast growth of Chinese textile industry;

Persons who have strong interest in hot topics of the textile industry, latest development of textile technology and personage in textile circle

- They pay attention to the particularity of textile industry, as outsiders, they have their own understanding of the textile industry, they are veterans in other industries and staff in research institutes and their theories and views are very important to industry policy makers.

Persons working in international political, scientific, trading and public relations organs and institutes

- They are staff in foreign embassies in China, foreign chamber of commerce, representative office of foreign associations in China, public relations companies, etc., who are dedicated to the economic, technological and trade exchange between China and overseas partners.