Design Principle and Application of New MCZH Revolving Tops for Regenerated Polyester Fiber


Abstract: Electrostatic accumulation, winding phenomenon, increased noil, impurities, and fiber sinking into the bottom of the tooth are the common issues faced by revolving tops for regenerated polyester fiber.For this reason, the paper designs the MCZH truncated progressive revolving tops, with a focus on the characteristics of the fibers. The truncated rectangular wire optimizes fiber transfer efficiency; the inclusion of carbon in the wire material bolsters its wear resistance; the implementation of a wider angle minimizes the accumulation of noil; the gradual and compact needle arrangement enhances the combing process; the reinforcement of the base cloth mitigates deformation; and the intensification of the transverse needle tip density elevates interception and combing capabilities. Results indicate that its practical use has achieved the effect of less noil, less static electricity, good transferring effect and good carding quality for regenerated polyester fiber.

Key words: regenerated polyester fiber; truncated type; revolving tops; carding