Preparation and Properties of Cotton Polyester DTY Core-spun Yarn with High Covering Effect


Abstract: This paper examines the production of high-quality lightweight core-spun yarn by achieving a high covering effect with a reduced amount of outer fibers, while maintaining the same core filament. It also analyzes the impact of each component ratio of the yarn on factors such as hairiness, evenness, and wear resistance. Specifically, with 4.44 dtex DTY polyester filament as the core filament, core-spun yarns with different ratios of outer cotton were spun; and the effects of outer fiber ratios on yarn hairiness and evenness,as well as on the abrasion resistance of the fabrics were studied. In the end, a cotton polyester DTY corespun yarn with high covering effect of over 80% was developed when the ratio of cotton/polyester was 58:42.The test revealed that the number of harmful hairs in five groups of core-spun yarns with various ratios could be kept below 24 pieces per meter. When the ratio of outer fibers reached 60%, the CV value and the yarn unevenness change suddenly. And the wear resistance decreased as the quantity of outer fibers decreased.

Key words: core-spun yarn; cotton/polyester ratio; yarn evenness; hairiness; fabric abrasion resistance