Supply Chain Transformation Strategies for Garment Enterprises in the Context of Digitization


Abstract: The supply chain system of domestic traditional garment enterprises often faces issues such as slow product development, high inventory pressure, and an inadequate information system. Through the transformation, some parts of the supply chain for large-scale garment companies have been improved.However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. These challenges consist of the following: inaccurate information sharing caused by the bullwhip effect, the existence of multiple process enterprises without integrity guarantees, restrictions on production that are dependent on marketing, and a reliance on a single sales channel. The article suggests implementing a digital layout of the IOP system to facilitate the sharing of information among supply chain-related companies. This will enhance the agility of enterprises and support the upgrade of apparel companies’ supply chains through omnichannel integration.

Key words: digitalization; supply chain; garment enterprises