Development Status and Application Prospects of Multifunctional Knitted Knee Pads


Abstract: With the improvement of living standards in recent years, people are more willing to do physical exercise, and knee joint injuries are followed. Multifunctional knitted knee pads are soft, elastic, breathable and comfortable, which can be used to protect knee joints and have broad application prospects. This paper expounds on the functional requirements of multifunctional knitted knee pads. Based on the developed products, the paper introduces the types and processes of multifunctional knitted knee pads, such as that for protective purposes, and health care purposes, and analyzes related features, functions, and means of realization. In the end, based on user needs and research hotspots, the paper analyzes the future development trend of knitted knee pads, namely, crossover research, digital design, green production and diversified functions.

Key words: knitted knee pads; multifunctional; development prospects; protection; health care

ITM 2024