Design and Development of Fancy Yarn Fabrics for Decoration


Abstract: As consumers’ economic level increases, they have higher demands on the fashion and aesthetics of textiles. In this paper, fancy yarns such as ribbon yarn, silver knot yarn, and loop yarn are selected to design and develop fancy yarn fabrics for decoration purposes. The fabrics weaves are redesigned with ribbon yarn, waved slubby yarn and silver knot-ted yarn, therefore, two new types of fabrics named butterflies flying through flowering shrubs and Fujiyama are devel-oped with novel and beautiful appearance,shinning silver luster, soft hand feeling, strong stereoscopic impression and good drapability. Besides that,by using loop yarn and slubby yarn, waffle-style fabric and desert-style fabric are devel-oped, presenting anovel appearance, soft hand feeling, and strong stereoscopic impression.

Key words: fancy yarn; decoration purpose; fabric design; style

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