Preparation and Quality Control of Fine Denier Viscose/PA6 Siro-compact-spun Yarn


Abstract: Taking fine denier viscose and PA6 fiber as raw materials, after analyzing each performance, the PA6 fiber was pretreated and then these two fibers are pre-blended in proportion to ensure the blending ratio.Selecting the card clothing for chemical fiber and optimizing the carding process to minimize the damage to fiber while ensuring good carding and cleaning performance during the carding process; the process configuration such as draft distribution and draft multiple in the front and back zones of drawing were optimized to improve the drawing effect and the quality of draw sliver; increasing the roving twist factor appropriately to reduce the yarn breakage caused by unexpected elongation during roving unwinding; the siro-compact spinning strengthens the control of the floating fiber in the draft zone. The test indicated that the fine denier viscose/PA6 blended yarn spun by the above production measures has high yarn strength, uniform evenness, fewer neps, and a good hairiness index, which can meet the requirements of textile processing and new fabric development.

Key words: fine denier viscose; PA6; siro-compact spinning; production process; yarn quality