Analysis and Development Suggestions on Water Use in China’s Viscose Fiber Industry


Abstract: Water use in the viscose fiber industry ranks first among China’s chemical fiber industry with nearly 300 million tons in 2020. Therefore, it is key to promoting water conservation in the viscose fiber industry to reduce water consumption in the chemical fiber industry. The paper analyzes the water-use structure of China’s viscose fiber industry, including water-use processes and water quality requirements.In addition, the paper takes one viscose staple fiber enterprise as an example to introduce its water-use structure and water consumption, etc. On the basis of that, the paper recommends that the viscose fiber industry can use advanced water-saving processes and equipment such as mechanical vapor compression,advanced circulating cooling systems and water-saving appliances; encourage enterprises to utilize water sources in a graded manner and use non-conventional water sources and focus on reusing wastewater; strengthen water management and build a water-use standard system.

Key words: viscose fiber industry; water use; graded utilization; standard system