Research Progress on the Application of Waterproof and Moisturepermeable Membranes in Textile Field


Abstract: Waterproof and moisture-permeable membranes are polymer film materials with dual functions of waterproof and moisture permeability. Functional textiles with water permeability resistance and water vapor permeability can be prepared by laminating fabrics with such membranes. So far, according to the principle of waterproofing and moisture permeability or the mechanism of preventing liquid water penetration and water vapor transmission, waterproof and moisture-permeable membranes can be divided into three types,i.e., microporous ones, non-porous ones and two-component ones. This paper summarizes the characteristics and mechanisms of these three types of membranes, concluded related performance evaluation methods and applications in the textile field, and looks forward to the development trend.

Key words: waterproof moisture-permeable membrane; functional textiles; performance evaluation

ITM 2024