Development and Technical Advantage Analysis of Intelligent Yarn Feeding System on Circular Weft Knitting Machine


Abstract: In this study, through long-term research on the quality, efficiency, and intelligent improvement of the operation of the circular weft knitting machine, a feasible yarn feeding system is proposed, including a yarn feeding servo, intelligent computer, mainboard, and management system. After technical advantages analysis and long-term application comparison, the study shows that this system is traceable, can meet diversified demand, and can be continuously applied to different models at home and abroad. Meanwhile, by effectively improving fabric quality, and reducing stop marks, noise, and vibration, the innovative detection and evaluation methods of this system can reduce defective products by about 50%, prolong the service life of needles by 1-3 months, and improve the comprehensive weaving efficiency by 10%-20%.

Key words: circular weft knitting machine; yarn feeding; stop mark; needle damage; yarn length