Effect of Setting Conditions on Color Deepening Effect of Extra Black Polyester Fabric


Abstract: This paper studies the effects of setting temperature and fixing time on the color deepening effect of extra black polyester fabric. Results show that when treating the fabric at 170 ℃ for 3 minutes, the total color difference ΔE between treated fabric and untreated dyed fabric is small, and the treated fabric has stable colored light and good color fastness to wet rubbing and soaping. After the color deepening process, the color fastness to wet rubbing and soaping of the fabric further decreased, indicating that the process will accelerate the migration and aggregation of dyes on the surface. As the film of the built-up agent is not resistant to soaping and rubbing, 160 ℃ is the suitable setting temperature.

Key words: setting temperature; fixing time; extra black polyester fabric; color fastness

ITM 2024