Research on Spinning Technology of Variable Twisted Yarn


Abstract: The variable twisted yarn researched and developed in this paper is a kind of yarn with a unique structure produced by a special spinning process. By transforming the four-roller siro-compact spinning frame,the research disconnected the drafting system of the spinning machine as well as the twisting and winding system. Adding a servomotor to drive the drafting system; the twisting and winding system is driven by the motor of the spinning frame; using the PLC computer program to control the servomotor speed in accordance with the requirements of the process. In doing so, variable twisted yarns with unchanged yarn count and changed twists along the axial direction can be produced. Since the twist of the yarn has a great influence on its luster, dyeing performance, etc., after weaving and dyeing, the fabric will show a special color change through the change of twist, which is suitable for producing special-style fabrics.

Key words: variable twisted yarn; twist; siro-compact spinning; special style