Research on the Printing and Dyeing Industry in the Central, Western China under the New Development Pattern (I): Taking the Development of Guiyang’s Printing and Dyeing Industry as an Example


Abstract: The paper studies the development status and trend of China’s printing and dyeing industry under the new development pattern, analyzes the value and effect of the printing and dyeing industry on the progress of the textile and apparel industry and regional development, and concludes the key elements of the industrial development. Taking Shaoxing’s Keqiao District, Suzhou’s Wujiang District, Fujian’s Shishi City, and Guangdong’s Foshan City as the advanced districts for the development of the printing and dyeing industry, the paper researches their basic situation, development factors support, and elements cost analysis, so as to summarizes their development experience. On the basis of identifying the opportunities, risks and challenges of the development of the printing and dyeing industry in Guiyang City, the paper focuses on the key factors, including environmental capacity, water resources, wastewater discharge, related business infrastructure, human resources, downstream market support, location, transportation, etc. Through comparative analysis, the paper provides suggestions for the development of Guiyang’s printing and dyeing industry by focusing on how to form a comparative advantage through the optimal allocation of resources.

Key words: printing and dyeing industry; industrial cluster; Guiyang City; resource conditions; development proposal