Study on the Countermeasures of the Development of China’s Textile and Garment Brands in the Epidemic Era


Abstract: The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is profoundly affecting and changing the world. Under the challenging epidemic prevention and control at home and aboard, China's textile and garment industry has shown a strong risk response ability and development resilience, maintaining a complete supply chain and stable operation. However, China's textile and garment industry is also facing the urgent need for upgrading and high-quality development. Therefore, strengthening brand building is undoubtedly an important strategic choice. Based on the data of the World Brand Lab, this paper discusses the two realities of the rapid development of China's textile and garment brands through the method of mathematical-statistical analysis and investigation. This paper puts forward three problems in the brand building under the new environment and advocates the application of the marketing theory of 4Rs and the innovative application of the "brand 4Rs" principle to promote China's textile and apparel brands.

 Key words: China; textiles and apparel; brand development; 4Rs