Formula Optimization and Application of High-temperature Color Change for Khaki Polyester/Viscose Colored Spun Yarns


Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the difficulties of color change for khaki polyester/viscose blended yarn at high temperatures. Through the test and analysis of polyester raw material varieties in the formula, the paper concluded the causes of khaki color change at high temperatures. In view of the problems, the optimal raw material varieties are selected through experiments, improving the grade of khaki color change before and after high temperature from 2-3 to 5. Meanwhile, as for the uneven cotton mixing and high cost in production, optimal raw material varieties and optimized color matching ratio can save a certain economic cost. In addition, a khaki formula color card with stable colored light at high temperature is established,providing a certain reference for color matching in the later stage.

Key words: polyester/viscose colored spun yarns; high-temperature color change; formula; color card