Industrial Design Empowers the High-quality Development of China’s Textile Industry


Abstract: Since the “11th Five-year Plan” period (2006-2010), industrial design has gradually become China’s development strategy. By analyzing the background, development history, and status quo of industrial design, the paper systematically summarizes the contributions and achievements made by industrial design in the high-quality development of the textile industry and building China into a textile power from the perspective of national policy support, establishing of industry service platform,improvement of corporate design capabilities, and characteristic development of industrial clusters. In addition, in combination with the future development of industrial design, the paper concludes the existing practical problems and key development directions in the textile industry. On the basis of that, the paper proposes suggested future paths, including building a basic research system for industrial design, improving the cultivation of innovative design talents, and expanding international exchanges and cooperation, so as to grow in international standing, enhance cultural self-confidence, have China’s say in fashion, and achieve the industry goal of “technology, fashion, and sustainability”.

Key words: textile; industrial design; high quality; outlook