Challenges Faced by China’s Textile and Apparel Industrial Chain in the “Post-pandemic” Era and Countermeasures


Abstract: The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 has wreaked havoc on the development of all aspects of the world. From an international perspective, amid mounting protectionism, the international economy is weak, and development vitality is greatly reduced. From a domestic perspective, although China’s pandemic prevention and control measures are efficient, and the development of various industries has basically returned to normal, it still faces huge uncertainties. As one of the industries with a complete industrial chain and strong international competitiveness in China, the textile and apparel industry is also facing crises at different levels. The paper analyzes the development environment of the textile and apparel industry at home and abroad during the “post-epidemic” period and puts forward some suggestions on the construction of the industry’s supply chain on this basis.

Key words: textile and apparel industry; “post-epidemic” era; challenges and countermeasures; supply chain construction