Research on the Development Direction of Ningbo Fashion Industry


Abstract: At this point in the new development stage of the “14th Five-year Plan” period (2021-2025), Ningbo’s fashion industry has ushered in new opportunities for transformation and upgrading. Based on the two research systems developed by China Textile Planning Institute of Construction (CTPIC), i.e., Evaluation System for China Textile Industry Cluster and Evaluation System for China Urban Fashion Index, the paper concludes the development status of Ningbo’s fashion industry from the perspectives of industrial clusters and urban fashion, and thinks about its development direction and implementation path. On the basis of that, the paper proposes a new positioning of Ningbo as an “apparel customization capital of China” and a modern industrial system that is a shared model based on “customization”, so as to help Ningbo build a world-class industrial cluster.

Key words: fashion industry; apparel customization capital; world-class industrial clusters; sharing economy; transformation and upgrading