Research and Practice on Color Management of Textile Digital Printing

Updated: 3/30/2021 1:21:38 PM

Abstract: Textile digital printing is toned on the computer. Yet the color displayed on the screen is often quite different from that of the end product. The pursuit of digital printing enterprises is to establish a mature color management system that makes the color of the end product consistent with that on the computer, eliminating the color difference between color mixing, proofing, and the final product. Taking the research and practice of digital printing color management of Wensli Company as a sample, the paper analyzes the reasons why it is difficult to achieve “what you see is what you get” in digital textile printing, expounds the color management mechanism, color management process and implementation methods, and indicates the importance of a mature digital printing color management system.

Key words: textiles; digital printing; color management; process technology

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

ISSN 1003-3025 CN11-1714/TS