Research Progress of Autoradiography Polymer Embolic Microspheres for Tumor Treatment

Updated: 11/25/2020 9:24:47 AM

Abstract: Autoradiography embolic microsphere is an advanced research direction with the rapid development of interventional therapy technology, which solves the problem of real-time observation of tumor vascular embolism. This paper reviews the characteristics and preparation methods of several major polymer embolic microspheres, i.e., chitosan, silk fibroin, sodium alginate, as well as the appearance,size and drug loading rate of the prepared microspheres, summarizes the combination mode of contrast agent and microsphere, and discusses the evaluation methods of biocompatibility, animal experiments and clinical trials of autoradiography embolic microspheres. Research indicated that the combination of multiple materials can overcome the problems of degradation, spheroidization and drug entrapment efficiency of single material microspheres; the physical embedding method or chemical combination method for the embedding of contrast agent has its own merits and demerits, which should be selected according to the actual clinical application requirements.

Key words: interventional embolization therapy; embolic microsphere; tumor; autoradiography;radiopaque

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