Influence of Clothing Pressure on Muscle Performance in Cycling Competition

Updated: 2020/8/11 10:22:21

Abstract: In order to study the influence of clothing pressure on muscle performance in short-distance cycling, five male cycling club members were selected as the research objects. They wore different sizes of cycling garments to simulate the cycling conditions of short-distance cycling in 50 s (0 ~ 10 s acceleration stage, 10 ~ 40 s high-speed endurance stage, and 40 ~ 50 s home stretch stage). According to the EMG testing system and pressure testing system, the EMG signal in 50 s and the clothing pressure in one cycle were collected. The muscle condition was analyzed by the RMS of the time-domain index and the median frequency MF of the frequency-domain index. ANOVA single factor test was used to analyze the effect of different degrees of pressure on muscle performance. The results showed that rational clothing pressure can reduce muscle tremors, reduce energy loss, and contribute to the sound use of energy; during the cycling, the contribution rate of muscles is different, so the influence of pressure on them is different. For example, vastus lateralis muscle, vastus medialis muscle, and biceps femoris muscle as the main force muscle, excessive clothing pressure will even hinder their explosive force.

Key words: venue short distance; cycling garment; surface electromyography; muscle performance; clothing pressure

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

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