R&D Progress of the Modified Lyocell Fibers

Updated: 7/17/2020 5:16:01 PM

Abstract: Lyocell fiber has become a veritable green fiber due to its natural renewable resource advantages, its clean processing technology, and the unique wearing comfort and degradability of cellulose fiber. With the increase of Lyocell fiber production capacity and output, it is an inevitable trend to develop differentiated and functional Lyocell fibers and related products. This paper carried out a comprehensive summary of the research progress of modified Lyocell fibers based on post-treatment and dope addition.

The post-treatment method is an important technology to reduce the fibrillation tendency of Lyocell fibers. In addition, although the post-treatment method is different from other cellulose fibers in specific processes and effects, there is no essential difference in technology and method. However, the production process of Lyocell fiber is completely different from viscose fiber. Although there are many laboratory studies on the preparation of modified Lyocell fiber by the dope addition method, there are basically no industrial-scale products. And the paper also analyzes and discusses this phenomenon.

Key words: Lyocell fiber; modification; functionalization; post-treatment modification; dope addition method

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