Effect of Different Processing Conditions on the Elasticity of Cotton/Freefit® Core-spun Yarn

Updated: 2020/4/30 21:21:16

Abstract: The paper carried out a study on the influence of high-temperature resin treatment and resin noniron finishing on the elasticity of cotton/Freefit® core-spun yarn. Cotton/Freefit® core-spun yarn was treated under different temperature and different time for the purpose of testing its elasticity. The results show that the elastic stability of yarn is poor when it didn’t finish by resin and is greatly affected by temperature; although the elasticity of yarn with resin treatment also decreases significantly, it is less affected by the temperature.

Key words: cotton/Freefit® core-spun yarn; resin finishing; temperature; time; elasticity elongation ratio

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

ISSN 1003-3025 CN11-1714/TS