Effect of Linear Density of Stainless Steel Fiber Drafting Slivers on the Uniformity of Air-laid Web

Updated: 12/19/2019 1:16:29 PM

Abstract: The uniformity of the metal fiber web has a direct effect on the uniformity of the metal fiber sintered felt, which affects its service life, strength, folding property, filtration and air permeability.Therefore, studying the uniformity of metal fiber web is of great significance for improving the performance of metal fiber sintered felt. The paper takes 316L stainless steel fibers with wire diameters of 8 μm, 12 μm,and 22 μm as the research object, and explores the effect of the linear density of the drafting slivers on the uniformity of air-laid web. The uniformity of the web was determined by sampling weighing-calculated coefficient of variation method. When the linear densities of the 316L 8 μm, 12μm, and 22μm stainless steel fiber drafting slivers were 7 610 tex, 12 360 tex, and 14 520 tex, respectively, the uniformity of the air-laid web is good. The most uniform fiber webs of 8 μm, 12 μm, and 22 μm can be laminated together to prepare a metal fiber sintered felt with good uniformity, its CV value of air permeability is only 2.12%, and CV value of bubble point pressure is only 2.95%. This paper is of great significance in guiding the air-laid technology in the actual production of metal fiber sintered felt.

Key words: stainless steel fiber; drafting slivers; line density; uniformity

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