Material Performance Design and Application of Fiber Composite Water Collecting Device in Cooling Tower

Updated: 2019/8/13 12:46:23

Abstract: The purpose of installing dewaterer in the cooling tower of the thermal power plant is to reduce water loss. At present, most of the dewaterers are corrugated plate dewaterers made of polyvinyl chloride materials. It is easy to damage and fall off, with a short life, resulting in a large amount of waste of water resources. Converting the rising straight air flow into rotating air flow in the water separator will greatly improve the water collection efficiency, however, the requirement of material and forming technology is also higher. Aiming at the complex environment of gas-liquid two-phase flow in the cooling tower, the paper designed a water catchment device of fiber composite material, and carried out a contrast experiment. Research indicated that the performance of the new fiber composite swirl water-saving device developed in this paper is much better than that of the traditional corrugated plate water-collecting device, providing a reliable solution for water-saving optimization of industrial cooling tower.

Key words: fiber composite; water-saving device; cooling tower

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