Preparation of PPESK Fiber by Electrospinning Lithium-ion Battery Separator

Updated: 3/18/2019 11:22:03 AM

Abstract: Polyolefin separators are widely used in lithium ion batteries due to their excellent mechanical properties and stable electrochemical properties. However, safety accidents have occurred frequently in recent years, due to its obvious heat shrinkage at high temperatures, which is difficult to meet the needs of high performance batteries. Therefore, the development of a new type of high performance diaphragm has become a research hotspot. PPESK is an engineering material, often used in the industry of wear-resistant coatings, etc., but it has excellent wear-resistant properties, as well as good wettability, thermal stability and mechanical properties, and is a promising li-ion battery separator. The excellent liquid absorption rate and ionic conductivity of electrospun membranes are closely related to their fiber diameter and morphology. Therefore, exploring the electrospinning effect of fibers is the cornerstone for the preparation of ideal membranes. The experimental results show that PPESK can be spun in the concentration range of 15wt% to 20wt%, and the voltage is 22 kV , the pushing speed is 1.5 μL/min, the fiber with better morphology can be obtained.

Key words: electrospinning; PPESK; battery separator

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