Development of High-whiteness and Easy-care Digital Ink-jet Printing Cotton Fabric

Updated: 2018/9/20 17:13:09

Abstract: In order to promote the application of non-iron-free process in digital printing fabric, the paper carried out a research on the process of non-iron finishing, size formula, whitening and moist crosslinking,taking color yield, strength, whiteness and durable press as the evaluation indicators. The single factor experiment was used to determine the size formula. When mixing 100 g/L of polyacrylic size HD-U and 8 g/L of sodium alginate size together, and mixing PB-C, derivative of 1,2-toluylene, and BPC-B with excellent acid resistance, the degree of whiteness of finished digital printing fabric is up to more than 150; with preshrunk bi-stretch finishing technology and optimized the resin finishing process, the non-iron-free level is up to 3.5 or more.

Key words: digital printing; moist cross-linking; size; steam whitening; degree of whiteness

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Sponsor :China Textile Information Center (CTIC)

ISSN 1003-3025 CN11-1714/TS