Research Progress in Waterborne Polyurethane Modification

Updated: 8/16/2018 11:30:45 AM

Abstract: Waterborne polyurethane is widely used in many field due to its green innocuous, safe and reliable characteristics. However, it also has certain defects, such as poor heat and solvent resistance, and short storage period, which limit its further application. With the raising requirement for environmental protection and human health, the comprehensive application of various modification methods and the development of new modification methods have become the development direction of the preparation of multifunctional waterborne polyurethane. This paper introduces the research progress in waterborne polyurethane modification, including polymer modification, molecular modification, and blending modification, looks forward to the development direction of waterborne polyurethane, and provides a reference for waterborne polyurethane modification.

Key words: waterbone polyurethane; polymer modification; molecular modification; blending modification

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