New Features of China Chemical Fiber Industry in Transformation and Upgrade Period (I)

Updated: 2011/8/12 11:14:00

— An Overview of Some Leading Chemical Fiber Enterprises in China

Editor’s notes: The 11th Five-Year Plan (FYP) Period of China has dropped the curtain in the year end of 2010 with the 12th FYP commencing on its voyage. China chemical fiber industry has experienced booming development during the 11th FYP and maintained over ten percent of annualized growth against varieties of adversities such as the global economic meltdown during this period.Activated by the striding homeborn innovation of equipment manufacturing industry, the competitive edge of new product R&D and the brand nurturing capability of China chemical fiber sector have been sharpened; energy-saving and emission-reduction have witnessed noticeable results; both productivity and international competitiveness of China chemical fiber industry have been reinforced substantially which effectively shored up the structural adjustment route for China textile industry as a whole and laid solid foundation for the whole industry to get more competent. Chemical fiber pioneers the way should textile industry aspires to further its development. The 12th FYP serves as a pivotal period to help China transform from a country with nothing but large textiles output to a country that leads the whole global textile industry in comprehensive ways. Chemical fiber industry, as the upper stream industry of textile supply chain, shoulders immerse responsibility. It is therefore of great importance for chemical fiber industry to consider how to break the bottleneck and enhance the holistic industrial performance, whether in competitiveness or earning capability and foster its international discourse power, so as to stimulate the optimization and upgrade of the whole textile supply chain.

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