Development Road of Garment Industry in Internet Economy 

Updated: 2010/11/9 11:25:00

When the U.S. military was studying computer networking 40 years ago, it definitely had not been seen the profound and strong impact on humankind in the next several decades. Today, internet community has grown up to be a huge internet society through borders, time and space, rather than a simple communication tool only for research man. It has attracted more than 1.8 billion people all over the world to participate for enjoying the spirit of "open, sharing, cooperation and equality”. So we have stepped in global village by this bridge. As there is real-life economy in the real world, the internet economy will surely derive from the internet era. Where there is fortune, there are active commercial proceedings which are not afraid of risk and take the bull by the horns.

There is no doubt that the internet age is full of fortune and business opportunities. In China, from the Ying Haiwei to Alibaba, from 8848 to Dangdang, from eBay to Taobao ··· internet attracted a lot of people of sowing spark and many explorers who were ups and downs in the wave of internet economy.No matter what the results they got, failure or success, they all made a positive contribution to explore the network’s business model and develop the market in network society.

Why so successfully some online garment brand enterprises run in the online shopping market in China? Why there are several well-known venture capital funds fond of apparel e-commerce?

In connection with this market boom,the current situation and development trends of apparel industry in internet economy in China were elaborated in this paper.

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