Replace: Sustainable Development Road of Textile Chemicals

Updated: 2011/4/13 10:21:00

In the 19th century, natural dyes used for thousands years were replaced by synthetic dyes. In the 20th century,direct dyes which had been used in early time were replaced by reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes and so on.

With the increased demand for function of garment, more and more functional textile auxiliary have been created and used in fabrics. Looking back at this history, we can see that the development of textile chemicals is constantly replaced and innovated. Maybe some choices which only meet the demand of that time and will be abandoned in the future, just so,these replacements and innovations promoted our society progress continuously.

Today, traditional textile chemicals are difficult to meet our needs in health, ecology and safety. It is necessary for us to seek the new textile chemicals. Some new ideas have been mentioned in this Special Feature, please follow it, perhaps it will give you some help.

Authority in Charge: China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

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