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Comparison and Analysis on the Results of Moisture Absorption Tests under Different Standards for Moisture Absorbent & Quick-drying Garment

2017/11/15 13:53:19

Abstract: Based on the test results of 70 batches of samples according to the standards GB/T 21655.1 — 2008 and GB/T 21655.2 — 2009, the paper worked out relevant comparison and analysis on absorbency and gave corresponding conclusion as well. Key words: moisture absorbent and quick drying; moistur…

Characterization of Basic Performance of Flexible PLA 3D Printing Materials

2017/11/15 13:52:29

Abstract: In order to study the suitable materials for 3D printed clothing, the cross section morphology,molecular structure, thermal properties, tensile properties and resilience of flexible PLA materials before and after melt spinning in 3D printers were tested and analyzed. The results show that t…

A Study on the Modeling and Fabric of Kazakhstan Traditional Costumes

2017/11/15 13:51:23

Abstract: Kazakhstan traditional costumes have distinguished characteristics, However, with social and economic development, they are on the verge of extinction, As one of the most important nations along the“Belt and Road”, Kazakhstan has close trade contacts with China, This paper has filled a ga…

Design and Research of an Intelligent Down Coat

2017/11/15 13:50:23

Abstract: An intelligent and fashionable down coat is designed based on miniature wearable GPS positioning and alarming device, graphene functional fabric and several functional structural pockets. The down coat can provide various functions such as call for help, communication, water-proof and camer…

Designing Cultural and Creative Products Based on Mazu Costume Culture

2017/11/15 13:48:26

Abstract: The paper analyzes the cultural and aesthetic characteristics of Mazu costume. Based on modern aesthetic custom and design concept, it summed up three innovative approaches for designing cultural and creative products, namely the simplified method, the reconstruction method and the derivati…

Production Process of Elastic Warp-knitted Fabric with Broche Effect

2017/11/15 13:47:31

Abstract: This paper analyzes the design requirements of elastic warp-knitted fabric in details, and the design idea, knitting process as well as dyeing and finishing process of elastic warp-knitted fabric with broche effect are introduced based on a practical example to provide some references to th…

Evaluation of Compressed Air Leakage of Air-jet Loom

2017/11/15 13:46:24

Abstract: Starting from the weft-insertion system of air-jet loom, the leakage of compressed air in the supplying and applying process was tested. Test results show that leakage is mainly caused by wear and damaged parts and components which are not timely repaired or replaced and the amount of lea…

Characteristics of Traditional Yarn-dyed Homespun Fabric from Nantong

2017/11/15 13:44:55

Abstract: In this paper, by analyzing nearly 100 pieces of homespun fabric collected from Nantong region, the characteristics in terms of aesthetics and technique such as color and pattern of these fabrics were summed up. In term of color, Nantong yarn-dyed fabric are calm, elegant, decent, fresh an…

Design and Production of CVC Yarn/Polyester Interlaced Yarn Interwoven Mini-jacquard Fabric

2017/11/15 13:44:06

Abstract: By taking the complementary advantages of different textile materials, a mini-jacquard fabric was designed by interweaving CVC yarn with polyester interlaced yarn. The paper introduced how to design the specifications, style and features of the fabric, fabric weave and CAD design as well as…

Influence of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull on Critical Speed of Electric Spindle

2017/11/15 13:42:51

Abstract: In order to reduce yarn breakage, a three-dimensional graph that shows the relationship between the unbalanced magnetic pull and the eccentricity and electric degree is drawn by using Ansoft electromagnetic calculation and MATLAB; the critical speed of the first two orders of a simplified e…
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