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Comparative Study on the Protective Clothing Standards at Home and Abroad

2019/1/10 17:15:04

Abstract: Protective clothing standards take an important role in the safety production system which aims for labor protection. This paper carried out a comparative study on the protective clothing standards of China, the International Organization for Standardization and Europe, concluded the sub-cl…

Analysis of Fold Technique in Garment Design

2019/1/10 17:13:10

Abstract: Drape art runs through the whole process of costume modeling and fabric design, which can be regarded as classic in design elements. Under the impact of the new art trend and the integration of culture,the folding art method is constantly pushing forward the old and bringing forth the new. …

Analysis of Related Factors Influencing New Prototype Sleeve Structure

2019/1/10 17:04:54

Abstract: In this paper, the related factors influencing the sleeve of the new prototype are analyzed by making samples and constructing theoretical models. According to the research, the factors of sleeve matching vary with the body size. When the shoulder slant is adjusted, the effect on the sleeve…

Preparation of TPU/PAN Electrospun Waterproof & Moisture Permeable Film

2019/1/10 17:02:56

Abstract: In order to improve the protection effect and comfort of the waterproof & moisture permeable film, the bicomponent TPU/PAN electrospun waterproof & moisture permeable film was prepared. The paper carried out a comprehensive research on the effect of the parameters including solution…

Analysis of the Uniformity of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Fiber Web Based on Image Processing

2019/1/10 17:01:08

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that the existing fiber web detection method can not detect the uniformity of the hybrid fiber web well, the paper took organic fiber and inorganic fiber as experimental materials, and these two kinds of fibers were mixed, opened, and carded into a fiber web. T…

Structure Characters and Filtration Performance of PPS/PTFE Composites Based on Hydroentanglement

2019/1/10 16:59:49

Abstract: Spunlaced nonwoven composites are reinforced by the impact effect of water jets. Water jet energy and spunlace process are the main factors affecting the structure and filtration performance of nonwoven composites. By adjusting the key parameters of spunlace process, the effects of water ne…

Controlled Degumming of Compound Enzyme for Flax Rove

2019/1/10 16:57:55

Abstract: In this paper, the controlled degumming of flax rove was carried out by using compound enzyme. The effects of the degumming process conditions on the degumming effect of the flax rove and the properties of the spun yarn were studied. Results indicated that this crude enzyme could effectivel…

Research of Non-fluorinated Water-repellent Finishing for Polyester Fabric

2019/1/10 16:56:11

Abstract: Non-fluorinated water-repellent finishing is a very hot topic as the fluorinated water-repellenct agent has bad effect to people’ health. In this paper, the finishing process of silicon, the hyperbranched macromolecules and the wax water repellent agents were studied respectively. The wate…

Study on the Production Technology of Semi-worsted Cotton Slub Yarn

2019/1/10 16:52:21

Abstract: The paper mainly introduces the combination of slub yarn and semi-worsted technology, and discusses the process of slub yarn from collecting to spinning. In order to ensure the yarn strength and other quality indicators, carding, drawing, spinning all require optimized equipment, so as to e…

Preparation of Ultrafine Fibers Containing Chinese Herbal Centipede Ingredients

2019/1/10 15:53:26

Abstract: Centipede is a traditional Chinese medicine. The paper chose polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as the carrier material, and mixed with centipede extract that extracted by different solvents and different ways, so as to prepare PVP - centipede ultrafine fibers by electrospinning technology. The dia…
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