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Exploration of the Communication Model of Fashion Brand Culture Based on Circle Relationship in New Era

2019/8/13 13:26:22

Abstract: With the advent of the new era of consumption, the new“circle”interpersonal model of fashion consumption promotes the brand’s new development due to its shared, open and multi-layered interpersonal relationship chain, however, fashion brands, especially the permeation of their cultural v…

Analysis on the Evaluation Method of Thermal Insulation Performance of Down Jacket and Discussion on Its Optimization Path

2019/8/13 13:25:22

Abstract: Based on the specific insulation mechanism of the down jacket and the factors affecting its thermal insulation performance, the current evaluation methods and evaluation conditions of the thermal insulation performance of the down jacket are analyzed. From the three aspects, i.e., down, fab…

A New Method for Testing Unidirectional Moisture-transfer Ability of Knitted Fabric

2019/8/13 13:24:15

Abstract: Self-made experimental device, i.e., fabric transverse wicking tester, used the surface mechanics principle to test the wicking pressure, wicking time and the wicking pressure difference between the two sides of the fabric in contact with the liquid. In combination with the wicking curve, t…

Research Status and Development Trend of Rated Temperature Prediction Model for Cold-weather Gear

2019/8/13 13:20:44

Abstract: Based on the modeling theory of rated temperature prediction model, this paper summarizes the common rated temperature prediction models, concludes the related factors that affect the prediction results of rated temperature, summarizes the research progress of environmental adaptability pre…

Analysis of Structural Parameters Influencing the Shape of A-line Skirt

2019/8/13 13:10:50

Abstract: The paper analyzes the relationship among the modeling of A-line skirt as well as three structural parameters, i.e., the ease allowance of hip circumference, skirt length, and the gradient of side seam via FUYI CAD and CLO 3D garment design software. Research indicated that the skirt length…

Material Performance Design and Application of Fiber Composite Water Collecting Device in Cooling Tower

2019/8/13 12:46:23

Abstract: The purpose of installing dewaterer in the cooling tower of the thermal power plant is to reduce water loss. At present, most of the dewaterers are corrugated plate dewaterers made of polyvinyl chloride materials. It is easy to damage and fall off, with a short life, resulting in a large am…

Application of Finishing Technology in Microfiber Synthetic Leather Veneering

2019/8/13 12:45:37

Abstract: Microfiber leather veneering usually use a release paper transfer process, while leather finishes use a water-based spray process. The latter has a better surface effect and environmental performance. In this paper, the leather finishing process and the dry veneering process are applied to …

Application Progress of Magnetron Sputtering Technology in Technical Textiles’ Coatings

2019/8/13 12:44:37

Abstract: Magnetron sputtering, as a new low temperature and high-speed sputtering technology, is widely used in fabric coating. This paper introduces the common methods of metallization coating of fabric, summarizes the application of magnetron sputtering technology in the field of safety protection…

Application of Carbon Black Toner in Environmental Dyeing and Finishing Technology of Suede

2019/8/13 12:43:12

Abstract: This paper considers the use of carbon black toner granulation to develop the carbon-black seaisland ultra-fine filament to replace the technology of white sea-island ultra-fine filament. The production of suede with sea-island filament via environmental dyeing and finishing technology can …

Research Progress on Single Soldier Camouflage and Its Camouflage Methods

2019/8/13 12:42:20

Abstract: With the continuous development of high-tech investigative technology, the survivability and combat ability of soldiers in complex wartime condition have been greatly tested, therefore, single soldier camouflage is of great significance. Camouflage suit is one of the most important equipmen…
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