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Exploration of The Derivative Design of "New Shanghai Style"Abstract Painting Art in Fashion Context

2018/11/2 16:41:10

Abstract: With the aim of creating Shanghai as the“City of Design”and“City of Creativity”, the paper conducts a study of cross-border integration of abstract painting and fashion design, and explores the derivative design of“new Shanghai style”abstract painting, so as to let art integrate with …

Design and Manufacturing Process of Pleat in Modern Dress

2018/11/2 16:37:52

Abstract: Based on the modern Han women’s dresses in the Folk Costumes Museum of Jiangnan University, this paper studies the pleats of the modern dress in China. Through the measurement of the skirt, this paper analyzes the design of the pleats in modern skirts and the manufacturing process of the r…

Research on the Application of RFID Electronic Ticket Technology in Garment Production

2018/11/2 16:36:29

Abstract: Given the continue pursue to stable production and quality ensurance, RFID electronic ticket technology is gradually being introduced and favored. This paper focuses on the defects of using traditional ticket in the production and processing. Based on the product layout process, creating pr…

The Development of Warp-knitted Jacquard Vamp with Imitation Flyknit Effect

2018/10/19 17:53:04

Abstract: This paper studies the new three-needle jacquard principle and analyzes its 16 kinds of laying effect. By utilizing its rich stitch changes and making some improvements to the conventional 22-needle jacquard warp-knitting machine, the warp-knitted jacquard fabric can show the flyknit effect…

Design and Development of Weft-knitted Openwork Fabric

2018/10/19 17:51:14

Abstract: Based on the stitch, raw material, technology and post-processing of weft-knitted fabrics, this paper analyzes related forming method, stitch characteristic and appearance of weft-knitted openwork fabrics, gives emphasis to the coordinated design among the stitch, raw materials and the proc…

The Effect of the Combing Machine’s Cylinder Tooth Top Abrasion on Carding Effect

2018/10/19 17:49:17

Abstract: The wear of the tooth top of the combing machine’s cylinder will reduce the puncture ability for flock, which will also weaken the separation, straightening and parallel effect of the cylinder on the fiber.The paper conducts a comparative research on the combing quality and yarn quality of…

Construction of Three-channel Digital Spinning Transmission System and Analysis on Forming Mechanism of NC Spinning

2018/10/19 17:47:43

Abstract: The paper detailed introduces the components and principle of drive system and control system of ring-spun three-channel digital spinning machine, analyzes the mechanism of on-line and off-line regulation of yarn blending ratio, linear density and twist, and establishes methods of spinning …

Research Progress of Functional Viscose Fibers

2018/10/19 17:46:27

Abstract: The paper carried out a study on the processing mechanism and application status of four functional viscose fibers, i.e., phase-change viscose fibers, deodorizing antibacterial viscose fibers, anti-mosquito viscose fibers and anion viscose fibers, so as to provide a theoretical reference fo…

Latest Developments of Man-made Fiber Pilot Facility

2018/10/19 17:45:07

Abstract: Pilot facility is the significant stage for new products to realize commercialization and enter into market rapidly. The paper introduces the revolution of the technology and configuration of man-made fiber pilot facility and the application of new man-made fiber products, including wet spi…

Study on Ink-jet Printing Technology of Nonwoven Decorative Material

2018/10/19 17:43:43

Abstract: Ink-jet printed nonwoven decorative materials are widely used in the decorative field because of their novel pattern design, low price, and eco-friendly characteristic, which cater to the consumer’s consumption concept. The paper analyzes the advantages and problems of ink-jet printing of …
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