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Current Situation and Trend Outlook of the Global Textile Markets Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020/9/16 22:11:07

Abstract: In 2020, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has caused China’s textile industry to face difficulties in the industrial chain, and supply chain circulation, as well as rapid decline in domestic and foreign market demand. Affected by the pandemic, China’s demand for textile and apparel at …

The Practice of the Three-dimensional Innovative Research of Qiang Costume Patterns

2020/9/16 22:09:09

Abstract: Qiang ethnic group is one of the Chinese minority nationalities with a long history and rich cultural heritage in China. The unique historical culture and living environment of the Qiang people empower the rich apparel colors, diverse apparel patterns and distinctive styles. In the long his…

Application of Digital Color System in Color Management of Textile and Garment Industry Chain

2020/9/16 22:07:56

Abstract: This paper analyzes and compares different color systems, and discusses the application of China’s color system COLORO in brand style positioning, trend analysis and color management of supply chain through color analysis, so as to put forward the importance of digital color system in the …

Research Status and Ventilation Design Method of Inflatable Cold Protective Clothing

2020/9/16 22:06:39

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the current research and market status of the inflatable cold protective clothing, this paper discusses its existing problems in the ventilation design. First, the thermal insulation principle and three factors that affect the ventilation performance of the inflatab…

Preparation and Adsorption Properties on Dyes of Polydopamine/Chitosan Aerogel

2020/9/16 22:04:54

Abstract: The polydopamine/chitosan aerogel material was prepared by solution blending and freezedrying techniques, using biopolymer chitosan as raw material, dopamine as bio-adhesive agent, chitin whisker as coupling agent. The morphological characterization, thermal stability and swelling performan…

Technological Design of Single Jacquard Warp-knitted Spacer Vamp

2020/9/16 22:03:11

Abstract: By analyzing the knitting principle of warp-knitted spacer vamp, this paper introduces the basic stitch and raw material characteristics of the vamp, as well as the knitting process of four kinds of warpknitted fabrics with structural effect. Besides that, the paper also discusses the techn…

Application of T400 Fiber in Knitting Product Development

2020/9/16 22:01:51

Abstract: In order to illustrate the development and application of T400 fiber in knitting products, this paper analyzes the research status of T400 fiber. Starting from the spinning principle and structure of T400 fiber, the unique properties of T400 fiber, such as excellent elasticity, moisture abs…

Design and Production of Elastic Braided Ribbon

2020/9/16 21:58:43

Abstract: As one of the important accessories of apparel, the braided ribbon is widely used in military dress uniforms. The elastic rope effectively solved the distortion of braided ribbon, improving the shape retention and service life. Taking elastic braided ribbons as an example, this paper discus…

Technical Status and Trend of Bio-based Polyester

2020/9/16 21:47:30

Abstract: In recent years, the consumer market and production capacity of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) have shown strong growth, stimulating the interest and investment of many biotech companies in the research and development of bio-based PET technology. At present, the research and developm…

Research Status of Smart Medical Textiles

2020/9/16 21:45:42

Abstract: Smart medical textiles are a kind of emerging technical textiles that stimulate or enhance the physiology of the human body, which can meet the needs of personalized and digital medical solutions in the process of disease prevention, treatment and healing. The paper introduces the innovativ…
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