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Application of Three-dimensional Modeling Technique in Design of Haute Couture

2020/3/2 21:09:41

Abstract: The three-dimensional modeling technique is a very important design method of haute couture,and it can create a variety of styles. This paper analyzes the application of three-dimensional pleated modeling, three-dimensional geometric modeling and three-dimensional floral modeling in haute c…

Research Progress of Intelligent Textiles and Its Prospects in the Field of Rehabilitation Assistant Devices

2020/3/2 21:09:33

Abstract: The intelligent textiles made a great change in the traditional functions of textiles, i.e., home textiles and apparel using. It has come into all walks of life and establish a new development path for textile applications and innovation from the functionalization of waterproof and moisture…

Research Progress of Medical Splints for Bone Injury Made of Textile Composites

2020/3/2 21:06:25

Abstract: In the case of limb fractures or trauma, the auxiliary appliance is needed to support and fix the fracture site. Medical splint for bone injury is the most commonly used external fixation apparatus, and it is one of the important apparatus for rapid healing and recovery of fractures. With t…

Application and Research Progress of Intelligent Apparel in Military Field

2020/3/2 21:06:19

Abstract: This paper introduces the application technology and current status of intelligent apparel in five military fields, that is, camouflage, protection, vital signs monitoring, hygiene care, and wearable exoskeleton. It outlines the key technologies in research and development, and analyzes the…

The Development Status and Trend of Compression Garment Research— Visualization Analysis Based on CiteSpace

2020/3/2 21:02:32

Abstract: Compression products are widely used in the field of professional sports and daily sports, which has attracted researchers’ study on their function and mechanism. In order to understand the development direction of this field clearly and quickly, and to focus on the core of research object…

Study on the Proteinase Pretreatment and Finishing Auxiliaries Technology of Polyester/Viscose/Wool Blended Fabric

2020/3/2 21:02:26

Abstract: As the high-end natural protein fiber, wool has good elasticity, rich hand feeling and excellent thermal insulation property. With the improvement of the living standard, the new trend of wool blended fabric becomes lightweight, fashion, multifunction and diverse raw materials, especially i…

Research on the Application Process of Efficient Anti-mosquito Agent

2020/3/2 20:58:32

Abstract: With the improvement of people’s living standards, the development of functional textiles has become a research hotspot. Anti-mosquito textiles can help people avoid mosquito bites and disease transmission. The paper researched the application of the finishing process of the anti-mosquito …

Networking of Sock-knitting Machine — A Key Step in Digitizing Workshop

2020/3/2 20:57:59

Abstract: With the gradual improvement of the automation degree of sock-knitting machines, a large amount of running state data generated by the machine itself should be collected and effectively utilized.At the same time, the machines in the workshop need centralized management and control to improv…

Application of Regenerated Fibers in Knitting Process

2020/3/2 20:57:43

Abstract: Regenerated fibers are one of the important aspects to promote sustainable development. This paper firstly summarizes the developmental process classification of recycled fibers. Secondly, it introduces the specific application of regenerated fibers in knitted underwear, coats, vamp fabrics…

Study on Production Technology of Binding Multi-layer Cotton Fabrics

2020/3/2 20:54:16

Abstract: There is less experience in weaving binding multi-layer cotton fabrics. At the current stage, it can reach up to 6 layers, which is difficult to produce. The paper studies the production technology of multi-layer cotton fabrics through the existing technology and equipment, and judges throu…
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