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Testing and Evaluation for Anion-generating Capacity of Filling

2019/4/15 17:33:54

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the existing testing methods of anion-generating capacity, through selfdeveloped FFZ471-Ⅱ textile negative ion tester, the testing and evaluation method for the anion-generating capacity of the filling was determined by discussing the covered fabric, filling conte…

Design and Development of a Thermal Garment Material Based on Plasma Metal Plating

2019/4/15 17:33:14

Abstract: When facing extremely cold weather, or having winter outdoor activities for the whole day, to wear conventional winter clothing may not be adequate to keep warm in the harsh environment. A thermal garment with conductive function is an effective solution. At present, the thermal functional …

A Brief Discussion on the Female Costumes in the Tomb Murals in the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties(AD 220 — 589)

2019/4/15 17:32:26

Abstract: With the development of archeological excavation, a large number of mural paintings during the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties were unearthed, which made up for the insufficient historical information about the costume in this period. Quite a few scholars have conducted researches…

Design and Production of Thermal and Wicking Duplex Sheeting

2019/4/15 17:30:55

Abstract: Ordinary thermal underwear fabrics only prevent the loss of heat, and the sultry and cold and moist feeling caused by sweating of the human body reduces the comfort of the garment. The paper discusses the design and production of a thermal and wicking duplex sheeting, which uses the TopCool…

Cause Analysis and Solutions of WF2 Weft Stop on Air-jet Loom

2019/4/15 17:30:03

Abstract: In order to reduce or control WF2 weft stop in air-jet looms, this paper analyses the influencing factors of WF2 weft stop, explores the possible causes of WF2 weft stop based on various phenomena of WF2 weft stop, and looks over the electromagnetic needle, circle probe, weft shear, main no…

Automation and Intelligent Technology Promote the Sustainable Development of Spinning Enterprises

2019/4/15 17:28:51

Abstract: This paper introduces the characteristics and trends of textile equipment technology presented at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, evaluates and analyses the technological innovations of ring spinning, rotor spinning, air-jet vortex spinning and main auxiliary machines in recent years and their …

Discussion of Related Technological Parameters Based on Suitable Fiber Length on Cotton Comber

2019/4/15 17:27:48

Abstract: The paper discussed the process parameter settings related to the length of the suitable fiber, and analyzed theoretically the relations between suitable fiber length with cylinder location as well as forward motion timing of detaching roller. The paper obtained suitable scope of fiber leng…

Flame-retardant Properties of Nano-carbon Black on the Polyester Fibers

2019/4/15 17:26:35

Abstract: In this paper, the nano-carbon black was added to PET chips by melt spinning method to prepare flame-retardant polyester fiber. The effects of nano-carbon black on the flame-retardant properties of polyester fibers were investigated. Results indicated that when the addition amount of nano-c…

Synthesis Technology and Application of Hot Melt Adhesive Polyester

2019/4/15 17:25:40

Abstract: Hot-melt adhesive polyester is known as “green adhesive” because of its fast bonding, wide application, relatively non-toxic and less pollution, which is an important direction for the development of adhesives in the world today. The paper introduces the synthesis technology of polyester …

Preparation and Property of Bionic Super-hydrophobic Cotton Fabric Based on TiO2 Nanotubes

2019/4/15 17:23:57

Abstract: To endow the cotton fabric with the superhydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, a porous TiO2 nanotube network is constructed on its surface based on the bionics principle. TiO2 nanotubes were prepared by TiO2 nanoparticles as its raw material. Subsequently, perfluorooctyl triethoxy sila…
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