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Effect of Lightweight Three-electrode System on Compressibility and Resistance of Fluffy Fabric

2020/12/30 14:11:00

Abstract: In order to find the suitable electrode and related pressure for the electrical resistance test of fluffy fabric, a lightweight three-electrode system was designed to study the compressibility of fluffy fabric and the effect of compression on the resistance test. The experimental results sh…

Research on the Structural Design of Lapel Collar and Branch Collar

2020/12/30 14:09:55

Abstract: Based on the 160/84A Standard Female Basic Collar Line, this paper discusses a simple and intuitive design method of lapel collar structure. Through the analysis of the factors affecting the fit of lapel collar, the method of dividing the collar seat is adopted to make the collar fold line …

A Study on the Visual Perception of the Matching of Qipao Collar Type and Placket Style

2020/12/30 14:06:38

Abstract: The traditional design method of Qipao is combing the collar, placket type and overlapping, etc., with fabric color and patterns. It requires designers have experiences and high literacy. If these experiences can be transformed to logics programming languages, it will be able to realize the…

Study on the Technology of Double-faced Laminating in Microfiber Leather

2020/12/30 14:05:24

Abstract: Double-faced laminating is widely used in microfiber leather, which can omit the compound process of the inner leather and vamp in the shoe-making process to reduce the cost and the use of compound adhesive. The paper mainly introduces the application of double-faced laminating technology i…

Development of Composite Automotive Ceiling Fabric with Antibacterial, Waterproof and Flame-retardant Functions

2020/12/30 14:04:20

Abstract: Antibacterial agent KD-2015, antibacterial agent KD-9400, water-proofing agent SFA, flame retardant HHS were used for the composite functional finishing of the knitted ceiling fabric. The influences of process parameters, such as the type of antibacterial agents, the amount of waterproof ag…

Research on Windproof Effectiveness of Fluid-solid Coupling Sand Barrier Based on ANSYS

2020/12/30 14:02:52

Abstract: In order to develop a new fabric-type sand barrier, the experiment carried out research on the influence of the sand barrier structure and the thickness of the yarn on the windproof performance of the sand barrier by using the fabric model established by Pro-E, the ANSYS Workbench numerical…

Research Progress of Color Change Mechanism of Ternary Thermochromic Materials

2020/12/30 13:59:41

Abstract: Organic reversible ternary thermochromic materials have always been a hot issue because of their unique advantages. From the perspective of material color change, this paper concludes the research results of the color change mechanism of ternary thermochromic materials, summarizes 4 importa…

Dyeing Achievability Range Discussion on Three Types of Textile Substrate in Specific Hues

2020/12/30 13:58:28

Abstract: This paper discusses the dyeing achievability range on polyester fabric, cotton and nylon in five given hues, that is, red, yellow, green, blue and purple based on a great number of dyeing experiments and CIE H value, CIE L value and CIE C value of the dyed samples. Key words: polyester fab…

Development of Multicomponent Viscose/Linen Blended Plain Stitch Fabric

2020/12/30 13:57:14

Abstract: 18.6 tex viscose filament and 21.4 tex hemp yarn were interwoven at the ratios of 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 respectively to develop a thin, antibacterial, comfortable composite plain stitch fabric. And then, the related physical properties, mechanical properties, antibacterial an…

Knitting Technological Design of Fully-fashioned Warp Knitted Jacquard Gloves

2020/12/30 13:55:57

Abstract: Warp-knitted jacquard gloves are produced by the seamless warp-knitting process and jacquard technology. In this paper, the product structure and jacquard technology of warp-knitted long gloves was analyzed and designed, and the gloves knitted on the double-bed warp knitting machine were ev…
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