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Preparation of Conductive Polyester Nonwovens by Grafting Graphene through Plasma Treatment at Atmospheric Temperature and Pressure

2017/9/11 17:04:31

Abstract: A kind of PET-Graphene (RGO) conductive material is prepared by treating PET nonwoven with plasma at atmosphere temperature and pressure to introduce amino groups to the surface of the PET nonwoven and then graft graphene to PET. The effects of plasma treatment time on the amino-group conce…

The Application of Tassels and Fringes in Ladies’ Haute Couture

2017/9/11 17:03:27

Abstract: Tassels and fringes are important ornaments for ladies’ haute couture. Along with the developing of ladies’ haute couture, tassels and fringes are increasingly used on ladies’ haute couture. Tassels and fringes are diversified. Based on statistics and analysis of tassel- or fringe-decora…

Creative Structure of Split Raglan Sleeve

2017/9/11 17:01:56

Abstract: The paper analyzed the basic morphological characteristics and structural changes of split raglan sleeves and pointed out that such sleeves have unique structures and diversified structural changes. According to creative split design, split raglan sleeves can be categorized into three major…

Analysis and Design of Sleeves for Outdoor Clothing

2017/9/11 17:00:25

Abstract: The paper analyzes the structure and function of sleeves for outdoor clothing. By discussing the static and dynamic functions of human arm and the transitions from static to dynamic state, it describes the structural and functional design requirements of the sleeves. Taking the design of se…

Preparation and Property of PBS Electrospun/Meltblown Composite Filtration Materials

2017/9/11 16:59:21

Abstract: The optimum PBS electro-spinning process is obtained through orthogonal experiments. With this process, the PBS fibers are spun onto the meltblown nonwoven substrate to produce PBS electrospun/meltblown composite filtration materials. Then, the properties of the composites are characterized…

Development Status of High Dielectric Constant Textile Materials

2017/9/11 16:50:22

Abstract: In this paper, the research status of the dielectric constant of conventional textile materials is described. In addition, the development status of high dielectric constant single material, composite materials and textile materials is briefly introduced. Finally, the idea and significance …

Preparation of Nano-silica Sol and Its Application in Hydrophobic Finishing of Cotton/Linen Fabric

2017/9/11 16:48:06

Abstract: Nano-silica sol was prepared by using tetraethyl orthosilicate(TEOS) as silicon source and ammonia as catalyst, and then applicated in hydrophobic finishing of cotton/linen fabric. The hydrophobicity of the treated fabric was tested. The results showed that the loading rate of nano-silica t…

Research Progress of Bionic Superhydrophobic Textiles

2017/9/11 16:47:00

Abstract: Super-hydrophobic textile materials have the functions of waterproof, anti-fouling and selfcleaning and so on. They can be widely used in industrial tarpaulins, medical materials, protective clothing and self-cleaning materials, and become one of the hot spots of the current functional text…

A Probe into Multi-layer K’ossu

2017/9/11 16:44:58

Abstract: In this paper, a k’ossu work (silk tapestry) was designed by using 4-layer surface and inner layer exchange weave, with colored pure cotton yarn used for both warp and weft. The check pattern was obtained through reorganization and alternation of rectangles and squares, in which, the color…

Double-sided Jacquard Fabrics: Weaving Methods and Performance Analysis

2017/9/11 16:41:31

Abstract: In this paper, double-sided jacquard fabrics are designed and woven with pure cashmere yarn. These color-patterned fabrics are respectively woven into surface and inner layer exchange weave, stitching warp double weave and warp binding weave. The characteristics of these weaving methods are…
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