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Structure Analysis of a Fabric with Water Absorption Property

2018/8/16 13:30:29

Abstract: This paper first introduces briefly the water absorption property of fabric, and then analyzes the fabric structure and related fiber morphological structure by using OM, SEM, DSC and IR, and infers the chemical structure of the fibers and coating of the fabric. Key words: fabric; fiber; wa…

Misunderstanding Analysis of Adultification in Children‘s Wear Design in China

2018/8/16 13:28:27

Abstract: Based on the research of development status, this paper explains the problems and reasons in the design of children's wear in China, and analyzes the three main misunderstandings of adultification in children's wear design, explores the ideas and methods of children's wear design. Hope to p…

Application of Deconstruction on the Functional Apparel Design

2018/8/16 13:27:31

— A Case Study of Baby Sleeping Bag Abstract: Based on the case study of baby sleeping bag, the paper analyzes the application of basic methods of deconstruction on the functional apparel design. Reorganize the structure of sleeping bag and convert it into an outdoor suit, combining with the sensors…

Study on the Sustainable Design Strategies in Apparel Design

2018/8/16 13:26:01

Abstract: Sustainable design is a positive response to current environmental issues and has become a popular design approach. The paper studies the sustainable design in apparel design through the literature research method and the case analysis method. In the sustainable design strategy of apparel, …

Design and Pattern Formation Principle of Weft-knitted Fabric of Cyclical Section-color Slub Yarn

2018/8/16 13:23:41

Abstract: This paper carries out a study on the spinning principle of the cyclical section-color slub yarn and the weaving principle of the weft-knitted fabric. Based on the distribution rules of section-color slubs on yarn, the pattern formation principle of section-color slub yarn with different cy…

Effects of Multilayered Structure on the Thermal Insulation Property of Polyester Batting

2018/8/16 13:22:43

Abstract: Taking polyester batting as the main thermal insulation material and combed with several spacer materials like cotton gauzes, aluminized films and aluminized nonwovens, this paper studies the effects of spacer materials on the thermal insulation property of multilayered battings and its mec…

Research Progress in Waterborne Polyurethane Modification

2018/8/16 11:30:45

Abstract: Waterborne polyurethane is widely used in many field due to its green innocuous, safe and reliable characteristics. However, it also has certain defects, such as poor heat and solvent resistance, and short storage period, which limit its further application. With the raising requirement for…

Development of Duplex Pigment Printing Camouflage Fabrics with Flame Retardant Performance

2018/8/16 11:27:34

Abstract: Camouflage nets are used to cover weaponry or fix targets to weaken detectability. The camouflage nets described in this paper include desert-application type, forest-application type, and snowfield-application type. Based on the production requirements of the double-faced camouflage nets, …

Technological Innovation and Development Trend of New-type Air Jet Vortex-spun Yarn

2018/8/16 11:25:39

Abstract: This paper analyzes the advantages of air-jet vortex spinning technology and its drawbacks in production. In order to avoid homogeneous competition and expand its application fields in the downstream, air-jet vortex spinning enterprises must accelerate product structure adjustment, and deve…

Technology and Application Status-quo of Polysulfonamide Fiber

2018/8/16 11:24:25

Abstract: Polysulfonamide fiber is a domestically produced high-performance fiber with proprietary intellectual property rights, which has excellent high temperature resistance and flame retardant property.This paper introduces its R&D status, chemical structure and performance characteristics, a…
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