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Application of Chinese Flower-and-bird Painting’s Elements in Clothing Design Based on Digital Thermal Transfer Printing Technology

2018/6/13 10:03:13

Abstract: Clothing is regarded as the mobile cultural label, externalizing people's spiritual world. The clothing whose design and production displays unique Chinese national cultural characteristics, benefits the heritage and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Based on Chinese flo…

Construction of Multi-dimensional Evaluation Model for Clothing Aesthetics

2018/6/13 10:02:20

Abstract: Clothing aesthetics is affected by many subjective and objective factors. For a long time, related objective and reliable evaluation criteria and methods are not available. In order to explore an objective and comprehensive evaluation method, this paper analyzes five evaluation dimensions o…

R & D Mode of Intelligent Security Apparel under Micro-interaction Concept

2018/6/13 10:01:27

Abstract: With the application and development of intelligent apparel and wearable technology, the term "micro-interaction" gradually comes to most people's attention. Based on consumers demands and "microinteraction" design principle, this article sums up the realization modes of…

Predicting Pore Size and Its Distribution of Spunbond Nonwovens Based on Artificial Neural Network

2018/6/13 9:58:38

Abstract: In order to effectively predict the pore size and distribution of spunbond nonwovens, thirty polypropylene spunbond nonwovens were produced by varying metering pump frequency and mesh belt frequency. The pore size of these samples was measured by digital picture processing technique. By cha…

High-strength Multifunctional Compounding Auto-interior Nonwoven Materials and Related Equipment

2018/6/13 9:57:55

Abstract: After viewing the current issues of nonwoven material production equipment in automobile industry including the limitations of raw materials and technologies, a new-type multifunctional combined machine for automobile nonwoven material production is developed for a wide range of fibers from…

Preparation and Properties of Electrospinning Polyolefin Li-ion Battery Separator

2018/6/13 9:56:29

Abstract: EVOH/SiO2 Li-ion battery composite fiber membranes were prepared by the electrospinning polyethylene-vinyl alcohol(EVOH) which was doped with different weight percentage of silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanoparticles. The results indicate that when the concentration of EVOH and SiO2 dopant of spin…

Reasons and Improvement Methods of Yellowing in High-count Denim Shirts

2018/6/13 9:55:26

Abstract: The effect of various factors, i.e., yarn count, washing degree, softening agent, yarn processing method, on yellowing in denim shirt and related improvement methods were investigated. Results indicated that adding ozone resistance additives, production control, and display management can o…

Application of Graphene and Graphene Oxide in Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

2018/6/13 9:54:17

Abstract: The paper systematically introduces the characteristics of graphene and graphene oxide as well as related application in textile printing and dyeing industry. And then, it elaborates on the principle, process, development status, and current problems of graphene and its blend fibers, graphe…

Research on the Application of Energy-efficient Modification and Automatic Integrated Winding Device of Conventional Ribbon Loom

2018/6/13 9:53:19

Abstract: In this paper, with the improvement of several key components, like shedding mechanism of the conventional ribbon loom, heddle structure, ribbon pressing device, the ribbon loom can form double-layer shedding mechanisms, which improves its production efficiency and saves energy. Through the…

Design and Production of High-performance Water Hose Made by UHMWPE Staple Yarn

2018/6/13 9:52:27

Abstract: A high-performance water hose made by UHMWPE staple yarn was developed in this paper. Taking UHMWPE spun plied yarn as its raw material, the paper carries out reasonable texture design, optimizes its sectional warping, weaving and finishing processes, and adopts corresponding technical meas…
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