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Research Progress and Development Trend of Anti-fall Smart Clothing for the Elderly

2019/6/18 11:35:04

Abstract: The anti-fall smart clothing for the elderly can monitor the occurrence of human fall and provide protection, so as to reduce the damage caused by fall. This paper reviews the research status of fall monitoring from three aspects, i.e., fall process, fall posture and monitoring method, summ…

Study on the Pattern Design of Female Denim Jacket Based on Eye Tracking Technology

2019/6/18 11:33:47

Abstract: With the development of economy and living standards, people have higher requirements for the personalized design of clothing styles, fabrics, colors and patterns. This paper, based on the perspective of consumer cognition, took the female denim jacket for example. The paper used eye-tracki…

Predicting Pore Size and Its Distribution of Polypropylene Needle Punched Nonwovens Based on Support Vector Machine

2019/6/18 11:31:03

Abstract: In order to predict the pore size and its distribution of needle-punched nonwovens effectively,twenty-four kinds of polypropylene needle-punched nonwovens were produced by varying needle density and needle depth. The pore size of these samples was measured via the bubble point method. Takin…

Market and R&D Status of China’s Facial Mask Industry

2019/6/18 11:29:30

Abstract: In order to learn the current situation of the facial mask market in China and analyze the consumer demand and product supply, the paper conducted a research and analysis on the facial mask market,including some mainstream brands in China based on the relevant references, and analyzed consu…

Development Status and Trend of Global Nonwovens Market

2019/6/18 11:27:31

Abstract: This paper summarizes the development of the nonwovens industry all over the world, analyzes the problems of China’s nonwovens industry, and puts forward the developing trend in the future. Key words: nonwovens; consumption; product

Study of Structure and Dyeing Performance of Modifed Cotton Fabric with Carboxymethyl Chitosan/Silicone Hybrid Material

2019/6/18 11:25:23

Abstract: Using chitosan as raw materials, O-carboxymethyl chitosan was prepared and used to treat cotton fabric surface in alkaline conditions, with silicone coupling agent KH560 as crosslinking agent. The infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis and SEM were used to characterize the structure and mo…

Dyeing Properties of High Hydrophobic Dyes on Polypropylene Fibers

2019/6/18 11:23:48

Abstract: In order to solve the dyeing problem of polypropylene fibers, high-hydrophobic dyes with ultra-high hydrophobicity and good structural planarity are selected to dye polypropylene fibers, and their dyeing properties are discussed. The experiment discussed the effects of dyeing temperature, t…

Solution for Left-center-right Chromatic Aberration of Monochromatic Yarn-dyed Fabric

2019/6/18 11:22:16

Abstract: Through the analysis and experiment of the cause of left-center-right chromatic aberration of monochromatic yarn-dyed fabric on the air-jet loom, the paper concluded that the left-center-right color difference is mainly caused by the uneven distribution of crimp contraction. When the left-r…

Test Platform for Weft Detection System During Running-in of Rapier Loom

2019/6/18 11:21:00

Abstract: The rapier loom needs empty running-in before leaving the factory. Since there is no weft weaving, it is impossible to verify whether the function of the weft detection system is in good condition.In order to fill this gap, a test platform has designed to verify the function of the entire w…

Study on Thermal Degradation-rheological Behavior of Modified UHMWPE

2019/6/18 11:19:22

Abstract: UHMWPE was modified by blending with olefin modifier PO1 to improve its melt spinnability.Thermal degradation-rheological behavior of modified UHMWPE system was studied by using Rosand RH-7 capillary rheometer. Results showed that thermal degradation was not obvious when the processing time…
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