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Drive and Evolution of the New Retail Design for Silk Brands under the Omni Channel

2019/11/13 17:09:43

Abstract: Since the introduction of the new retail concept, the apparel market has been redefined in both theory and practice. In the second half of today’s global e-commerce development, the Chinese apparel industry has also completed the transition from the sellers’ market to the buyer’s market.…

Research on the Correspondence Between Logo Image and Garment Brand Image

2019/11/13 17:08:44

Abstract: The paper concludes the constituent elements of the logo image and its garment brand image,and constructs a theoretical model to explore the corresponded relationship between the logo image and its garment brand image. Then through the questionnaire survey method to test the consumer’s opi…

Study on the Color Change Response of Ultraviolet Photosensitive Fabrics

2019/11/13 17:07:49

Abstract: The color of ultraviolet (UV) photosensitive fabrics change under UV exposure and recover after the UV light source removed. In this paper, the color change response performances of five kinds of ultraviolet photosensitive fabrics under five different UV irradiation intensities were explore…

Application of Reverse Engineering Technology in Apparel Industry

2019/11/13 17:06:26

Abstract: In recent years, as advanced manufacturing technology, reverse engineering technology has been continuously penetrating into the apparel industry, providing new ideas for the development of fashion digitalization. This paper mainly expounds the concept of reverse engineering technology, int…

A Study of Psychosocial Factors Influence on Clothing Fitness Preferences

2019/11/13 17:05:29

Abstract: The tendency of clothing fitness is the consumer’s preference for different looseness of clothing,which can directly affect consumer’s purchasing behavior. The study of consumer’s tendency of clothing fitness should not only discuss the relation between clothing and the human body, but a…

Difficulties Analysis and Process Improvement of High-count Colored Spun Yarn

2019/11/13 17:04:21

Abstract: Based on the analysis of yarn index and weaving difficulties of 9.7 tex high-count colored spun yarn, the paper pointed out that its difficulties were mainly due to poor yarn strength, hairiness and abrasion resistance, which caused several times of machine stoppage, as well as low weaving …

Adjustment Based on Partial Structure to Solve the Warp Slack Problem of Multilayer 3D Fabric

2019/11/13 17:03:29

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of warp slack caused by the different crimp percentage in the production process of multi-layer three-dimensional woven fabrics, the paper analyzed the influence of fabric geometric structural on warp slack. Based on the force analysis of warp and weft under static con…

Research on the Development Situation and Countermeasures of Printing and Dyeing Industry in Shandong Province

2019/11/13 16:55:05

Abstract: The development of China’s printing and dyeing industry is in the reshaping period, and the industrial competition mode and layout are constantly changing. The printing and dyeing industry in Shandong Province has a high-level intelligence, various leading enterprises, and complete product…

Design and Preparation of Warp-knitted Mesh with Chitosan Fiber for Ventral Hernia Repair

2019/10/25 19:48:09

Abstract: Three kinds of hernia repair mesh were fabricated through warp-knitting technology with chitosan fiber. And the properties of chitosan fiber, yarn and fabric were studied, including thermal property, mechanical property and antibacterial property. Results showed that the mechanical properti…

Latest Developments in Knitting Equipment Technology— Review of Knitting Machine on ITMA 2019

2019/10/25 19:47:09

Abstract: The paper introduces the situation and technical characteristics of knitting equipment presented at ITMA 2019. It is concluded that the new technology highlights and hotspots of knitting machinery in this exhibition are short-flow knitting production, full-fashioned knitting technology, sho…
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