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Application of Case-based Teaching in Garment Design Courses

2018/1/17 10:13:44

Abstract: Based on discussing how to guide students to design neo-Chinese style garment in an innovative way by introducing case-based teaching in garment design courses, the paper points out that garment design courses can be combined with the case study of designing neo-Chinese style garment, i.e. …

Application of PVC-coated Fiberglass Fabric in Fashion Design

2018/1/17 10:12:52

Abstract: This paper mainly discusses the application of PVC-coated fiberglass fabric in fashion design by taking the collection titled "seeing flowers through a mist" as example. By making use of the characteristics of PVC-coated fiberglass fabric, such as transparent, water-proof and ther…

The Design of Chinese Knot Button under DNA Theory

2018/1/17 10:11:49

Abstract: Based on analyzing the DNA concept in biology and the gene theory in art and design, the paper investigates how to apply these theories in the design of traditional handmade Chinese knot button by discussing the development and characteristics of the button design gene, technique gene and m…

The Characteristics of Bionic Clothing Design in Recent Years

2018/1/17 10:10:57

Abstract: A collection of bionic garment which was designed over the past few years was studied with case analysis method, the expression techniques and application characteristics were extracted, and the effect of these techniques on clothing and accessories was analyzed. In recent years, bionic des…

Partition Design of Weft-knitted Seamless Sportswear Based on Female Body Characteristics

2018/1/17 10:09:45

Abstract: Based on the research on weft-knitted seamless sportswear of famous brands on market, the paper sums up their design features and corresponding theory of designing, and discusses two main design considerations: female body fat distribution and heat/moisture distribution of human body. And t…

Design of 2D Braided Carbon Fiber in New Structure

2018/1/17 10:08:49

Abstract: 2D braided tubular fabric, which has structure similar to regular basket weave, is produced on a C24 ingot braiding machine. And then, the two-dimensional braided composite tube is prepared by using the optimized hand paste method. After measuring grams per square meter of the tubular fabri…

Preparation and Performance Study of Polypropylene Filament Geotextiles

2018/1/17 10:07:12

Abstract: This paper presents a new method of producing polypropylene filament geotextiles: select high strength twistless polypropylene filament as raw material; separate the filaments by an electrostatic separator;form a uniform fiber web and then consolidate on needle, punching machine. This paper…

Influence of Preparation Process on Basal Plane Structure of Meltblown Nonwovens

2018/1/17 10:06:10

Abstract: To study the influence of process parameters on the fiber web structure of meltblown nonwovens, thirteen melt blown polypropylene nonwovens were produced by combining metering pump frequency,mesh belt frequency and the distance from die to collector in different ways. The fiber web meso str…

High Efficiency Compound Filter Material of PAN Pre-oxidized Fiber: Preparation and Properties

2018/1/17 10:04:48

Abstract: Based on needle-punching process, compound filters are prepared with PAN pre-oxidized fiber as their raw material, and then coat the compound filter material with PTFE foam. This paper investigates the influence of the coating on the appearance, air permeability, tensile property, pore size…

Preparation of “Nanofiber-embedded” Composite Filter Material to Maintain High Efficiency Low Resistance

2018/1/17 10:03:38

Abstract: DMF was used as solvent to dissolve PAN powder and the resulting solution was employed to prepare PAN nanofibers with diameter of about 400 nm by using high-pressure electrospinning technology. And after needle-punching process, the “nanofiber-embedded” composite filter material was produ…
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