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Key Technology of Lightweight and Its Application Progress in Men’s Suits

2020/6/23 14:41:48

Abstract: With people’s pursuit of casual, comfortable and green wearing, the lightweight garment has become a trend. The paper briefly introduces the concept of lightweight, and analyzes the trend requirements of the lightweight garment. Based on the enterprise’s practice, the paper introduces the…

Application Experiment of Anionic Fatliquor in Microfiber Leather

2020/6/23 14:40:29

Abstract: The structure and properties of microfiber leather are close to the leather, but the hygienic properties, hand feel, and softness of leather are better than that of microfiber leather. Therefore, the properties of modified microfiber leather are the main research direction. Based on the app…

Introduction and Application of Dispersibility Test Method for Enterprises for Flushable Spunlace Nonwovens and Related Finished Products

2020/6/23 14:36:25

Abstract: This paper introduces the national-standard and industry-standard dispersibility test methods for the flushable spunlace nonwovens and related finished products, as well as the adjustment and application of the test methods used by enterprises.Key words: flushable spunlace nonwoven; dispers…

Analysis of the Development Trend of Spunlace Components Based on Patents Study

2020/6/23 14:34:03

Abstract: Based on the patent literature, this paper analyses the development trend of three core components of spunlace equipment, that is, water jets, drums and bottom aprons, with the aim of providing a reference for the research of the spunlace nonwoven equipment.Key words: spunlace equipment; hy…

Study of the Finishing Technology for the Worsted Fabric with OPTIM Wool

2020/6/23 14:31:27

Abstract: After being stretched, wool fiber would shrink under certain conditions. Based on this principle,the paper applies OPTIM wool into worsted fabrics. In the finishing stage, specific process parameters such as temperature, overfeed and time are set to maximize the shrinkage of the fabric and …

Synthesis and Application of Fluorine-free Water Repellents

2020/6/23 14:29:54

Abstract: Using stearyl methylacrylate (SMA) as the subject, as well as hydroxyethyl acrylate (HEA) and glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) as functional monomer, WF emulsion is synthesized by emulsion polymerization. Finally, obtain a fluorine-free water-repellent emulsion PSA by blending WF emulsion with a…

Study on the Printing Process of NaiaTM Cellulose Acetate Fiber Fabric

2020/6/23 11:31:05

Abstract: The market demand for cellulose acetate fiber fabric is growing. However, the undeveloped technology of flat screen printing on cellulose acetate fiber and its blended fabric hamper further development. This paper studies the flat screen printing of NaiaTM cellulose acetate fiber, and analy…

Research on Yarn-dyed Technology of 20 D Polyamide DTY

2020/6/23 11:29:10

Abstract: When the conventional ultra-fine high-density chemical fiber fabrics are gradually out of date, the concept of colored weaving is introduced into this field, so as to further enrich the color changes of fabrics,and meet the changing market demands. Taking 20 D polyamide DTY as an example, t…

Design and Production of Epaulet Silk Ribbon on Service Uniform

2020/6/23 11:28:09

Abstract: The paper analyzes the specification design of the epaulet silk ribbon, and discusses its appearance, raw material, fabric structure and production. As the main player of the symbol products of garment, the epaulet silk ribbon on service uniform is widely used in the epaulet industry. Takin…

Development of New Pure Cotton Yarn-dyed Maze Crepe Fabric

2020/6/23 11:27:08

Abstract: This paper introduces the fabric formation principle and style characteristics of the independently developed yarn-dyed maze crepe fabric. Differentiated and serialized products are produced by using different production processes. In the end, the paper briefly introduces the problems and p…
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