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Study on Influencing Factors of the Elastic Recovery of Double Filament Core-spun Yarn Fabric

11/18/2022 2:44:37 PM

Abstract: In order to improve the elastic recovery of lightweight shirting with the help of double filament core-spun yarn, the effect of the draft ratio of the elastic core, the types of the supporting core, their contents, and the contents of the double filament core-spun yarn in the fabric on the …

The Functional Design of Fabrics in Competition-type Skiwear from the Perspective of Patents

11/18/2022 2:43:44 PM

Abstract: The holding of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will promote ice and snow sports in China. Speeding up the development of the ice and snow industry and supporting enterprises to develop relevant products with high technology content and independent intellectual property rights are the top prior…

Research on Solution Blow Spinning (SBS) Technology

11/18/2022 2:42:53 PM

Abstract: This paper introduces the solution blow spinning (SBS) technology and the characteristics of its products, expounds on the latest progress in the technology, and delivers a suggestion to set up an R&D center for new-type and specialized nozzles and texturing nozzles, so as to accommodat…

Preparation and Performance of a Wearable Resistive Flexible Pressure Sensor Based on rGO/PDMS

11/18/2022 2:41:38 PM

Abstract: A flexible resistive pressure sensor based on rGO/PDMS is introduced in this paper. And a new method for preparing flexible pressure sensors is proposed; the influence of graphene concentration on the sensitivity of the sensor is studied. The results show that the flexible pressure sensor h…

Development and Technical Advantage Analysis of Intelligent Yarn Feeding System on Circular Weft Knitting Machine

11/18/2022 2:32:37 PM

Abstract: In this study, through long-term research on the quality, efficiency, and intelligent improvement of the operation of the circular weft knitting machine, a feasible yarn feeding system is proposed, including a yarn feeding servo, intelligent computer, mainboard, and management system. After…

Development and Application Progress of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Fibers

11/18/2022 2:27:49 PM

Abstract: In recent years, researchers have conducted in-depth research on natural silk and prepared regenerated silk fibroin fibers by physical or chemical modification methods, which can enhance the recycling rate of waste silk and add more functions. The paper focuses on the properties and modific…

Development of a New Regenerated Multifunctional Polyester Fiber and Its Properties

11/18/2022 2:22:02 PM

Abstract: Chemical recycling of waste polyester garments is an important way to reuse textile resources, but the final product obtained through conventional processes is still ordinary polyester fiber. The paper introduces a new polyester fiber with several functional properties featuring advantages …

Application Status and Development Trend of Polyester Fiber in the Field of Technical Textiles (II)

11/18/2022 2:19:48 PM

Abstract: The paper introduces the application status of polyester fibers in the main category of technical textiles through the cases and proposes that the rapid development of the technical textiles market in the past two decades is closely related to the global population growth, the significant d…

Research and Production Practice of Digital Inkjet Duplex Printing Technology

11/18/2022 2:18:31 PM

Abstract: By introducing the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary digital direct inkjet duplex printing machines, the paper discusses the technological requirements of duplex printing. From the perspective of producing high-quality digital inkjet duplex pri…

Application and Development of Digital Inkjet Printing Machines

11/18/2022 1:51:42 PM

Abstract: Digital inkjet printing technology has many advantages, such as short process flow, more flexible pattern design, and great repeatability. Digital inkjet printing technology has developed and matured after nearly 30 years of rapid development, which can meet the needs of industrial batch pr…
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