Test and Standard

Simulation Study on the Test of Electromagnetic Shielding Suit by Absorbing Material Filling Dummy Model

2020/4/30 21:27:57

Abstract: The wave-transmitting rectangular plexiglass box with the size specified by DIN 32780-100 is invoked as a dummy model. The electromagnetic shielding fabric cover is made of copper-nickel conductive plain fabric and can be closely fitted to the box, so as to simulate the cloth and model in t…

A Comparative Study on Standard, Inspection and Certification of Chinese and American Textile Industry

2019/12/19 13:22:28

Abstract: Based on the development status of China’s textile industry and the state of national quality system, the paper starts from the three basic components of national quality system, i.e., standards, inspection and certification to analyze the difference between the research status of the text…

Problems and Suggestions About the Chinese Apparel and Accessories Standards

2019/12/19 13:21:26

Abstract: Although there are more than 120 implemented national-level and industrial-level apparel and accessories standards in China, many problems exist in the application of the standards. This paper analyzes the existing problems of China’s current apparel product standards, and makes recommenda…

Study on the Color Change Response of Ultraviolet Photosensitive Fabrics

2019/11/13 17:07:49

Abstract: The color of ultraviolet (UV) photosensitive fabrics change under UV exposure and recover after the UV light source removed. In this paper, the color change response performances of five kinds of ultraviolet photosensitive fabrics under five different UV irradiation intensities were explore…

Research on the Factors Affecting the Down-proof Performance of Down Fabrics

2019/9/23 19:40:19

Abstract: Four kinds of down fabrics, i.e., nylon, polyester taffeta, polyester pongee, and polyamide/polyester blended fabric were chosen as the research objects to analyze the influence of raw material, weaving process, finishing process, garment production and washing method on the down-proof perf…

Analysis on the Evaluation Method of Thermal Insulation Performance of Down Jacket and Discussion on Its Optimization Path

2019/8/13 13:25:22

Abstract: Based on the specific insulation mechanism of the down jacket and the factors affecting its thermal insulation performance, the current evaluation methods and evaluation conditions of the thermal insulation performance of the down jacket are analyzed. From the three aspects, i.e., down, fab…

A New Method for Testing Unidirectional Moisture-transfer Ability of Knitted Fabric

2019/8/13 13:24:15

Abstract: Self-made experimental device, i.e., fabric transverse wicking tester, used the surface mechanics principle to test the wicking pressure, wicking time and the wicking pressure difference between the two sides of the fabric in contact with the liquid. In combination with the wicking curve, t…

Testing and Evaluation for Anion-generating Capacity of Filling

2019/4/15 17:33:54

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the existing testing methods of anion-generating capacity, through selfdeveloped FFZ471-Ⅱ textile negative ion tester, the testing and evaluation method for the anion-generating capacity of the filling was determined by discussing the covered fabric, filling conte…

Comparative Study on the Protective Clothing Standards at Home and Abroad

2019/1/10 17:15:04

Abstract: Protective clothing standards take an important role in the safety production system which aims for labor protection. This paper carried out a comparative study on the protective clothing standards of China, the International Organization for Standardization and Europe, concluded the sub-cl…

Evaluation of the Moisture-absorbent and Quick-drying Unidirectional Water Transport Functional Fabrics

2018/12/27 14:04:05

Abstract: The paper selected a new-type weft-knitted fabric to study its moisture-absorbent and quickdrying properties. A novel cationic dye-based atmospheric dyed polyester (NECDP) fiber with good moisture-absorbent property was designed and developed as its surface layer, and the polypropylene (PP)…
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