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Structural Design of Thermal Fabric with Micelle Structure and Its Effect on Thermal Property

2018/9/20 17:24:17

Abstract: To make up the deficiency of current structure of filling warm clothing, the fabric structure is improved on the basis of the weaving technology. Use special yarns and post-treatment technologies to improve the fabric resilience, and weave the thermal fabric with micelle structure in a sing…

Structure Analysis of a Fabric with Water Absorption Property

2018/8/16 13:30:29

Abstract: This paper first introduces briefly the water absorption property of fabric, and then analyzes the fabric structure and related fiber morphological structure by using OM, SEM, DSC and IR, and infers the chemical structure of the fibers and coating of the fabric. Key words: fabric; fiber; wa…

Objective Evaluation Method of Cleaning Rate Based on Visual Attention Model

2018/6/13 10:04:01

Abstract: Currently, the residue of fabric stains is tested by subjective visual measurement rating. Taking advantage of three low-level features of visual attention model, i.e., the brightness, color and direction of the stains image, the visual heat map of stains were created. And combining with vi…

Research on the Cool Touch Feeling of Polyester/Cotton and Polyamide/Cotton Blended Summer Combat Camouflage Fabrics

2018/4/17 11:07:09

Abstract: To carry out a research on polyester/cotton and polyamide/cotton blended summer combat camouflage fabrics, the paper chooses three factors, i.e., fabric weave, blending ratio, density of warp and weft, to conduct an orthogonal experiment with three factors and five levels. The maximum trans…

Analysis on the Standards for Electromagnetic Shielding Garment

2018/4/17 11:05:57

Abstract: This paper analyzes current standards for electromagnetic shielding garment at home and abroad from several aspects, including test principle, test system, evaluation index and result evaluation, and points out the existing problems and provides some suggestions on improvement. Key words: e…

Effect of Adhesives on Heat Preseravtion and Thermoregulation Performance of Phase Change Microcapsule Composite Fabrics

2017/12/20 11:23:10

Abstract: In order to prepare a composite microfilm composite fabric with excellent heat preservation and thermoregulation performance, the effect of different adhesives on the preparation of composite fabric was discussed. Firstly, situ polymerization was used to prepare phase change microcapsules. …

Electrospun Cellulose Acetate/TiO2 Ultrafine Fibers for Dyeing Water Treatment by Photocatalytic Reactions

2017/12/20 0:00:00

Abstract: In this paper, CA composite ultrafine fibers containing different TiO2 nanoparticle (NP) contents were synthesized via electrospinning for effective dyeing water treatment. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images revealed that TiO2 NPs were evenl…

Comparison and Analysis on the Results of Moisture Absorption Tests under Different Standards for Moisture Absorbent & Quick-drying Garment

2017/11/15 13:53:19

Abstract: Based on the test results of 70 batches of samples according to the standards GB/T 21655.1 — 2008 and GB/T 21655.2 — 2009, the paper worked out relevant comparison and analysis on absorbency and gave corresponding conclusion as well. Key words: moisture absorbent and quick drying; moistur…

Characterization of Basic Performance of Flexible PLA 3D Printing Materials

2017/11/15 13:52:29

Abstract: In order to study the suitable materials for 3D printed clothing, the cross section morphology,molecular structure, thermal properties, tensile properties and resilience of flexible PLA materials before and after melt spinning in 3D printers were tested and analyzed. The results show that t…

Standard Applicability in Performance Evaluation of Moisture Absorption and Quick-drying Textiles

2017/10/27 15:26:18

Abstract: In this article, the moisture transfer process and principle moisture absorption and quick-drying textiles in practical use were analyzed in detail. The scientificity and rationality of adopting water absorption rate, water-vapour transmission rate and accumulative one-way transport capacit…
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