Product Development

Development Practice of Elastic Satiny Burnt-out Crepe

2018/10/19 16:34:09

Abstract: The paper introduces the whole process of designing and developing elastic satiny burnt-out crepe with mulberry silk, viscose filament and polyurethane fiber as the raw materials, carries out a study on its processes including, raw material configuration, greige weaving, burnt-out, dyeing, …

Development of High-quality Cotton-like PET Weft-knitted Fabric

2018/10/19 16:26:18

Abstract: This paper compares and analyzes the basic performance and mechanical property of YilonTM, polyester fiber and cotton fiber, and analyzed the YilonTM/cotton (65/35) blended yarn property produced by different spinning technology with same yarn count, including ring spinning, siro-spun spinn…

Design and Pattern Formation Principle of Weft-knitted Fabric of Cyclical Section-color Slub Yarn

2018/8/16 13:23:41

Abstract: This paper carries out a study on the spinning principle of the cyclical section-color slub yarn and the weaving principle of the weft-knitted fabric. Based on the distribution rules of section-color slubs on yarn, the pattern formation principle of section-color slub yarn with different cy…

Effects of Multilayered Structure on the Thermal Insulation Property of Polyester Batting

2018/8/16 13:22:43

Abstract: Taking polyester batting as the main thermal insulation material and combed with several spacer materials like cotton gauzes, aluminized films and aluminized nonwovens, this paper studies the effects of spacer materials on the thermal insulation property of multilayered battings and its mec…

Development of Warp-knitted Fabric for Cotton Trousers

2018/5/14 16:26:38

Abstract: In order to promote the application of cotton yarn in warp-knitted products, this article develops warp-knitted fabric for cotton trousers by adopting compact-siro spinning cotton yarn. It first introduces the main production processes of warp-knitted cotton fabric, such as yarn selection, …

Development and Application of Para-aramid/Cellulose Blended Flame-retardant Fabric

2018/5/14 16:24:34

Abstract: A flame-retardant fabric was developed by blending para-aramid fiber with flame-retardant Modal fiber, which has solved the problems of thermal shrinkage and cracking in fire of the flame-retardant fabric. With the characteristics of high strength, high hygroscopicity, high heat resistance …

Production Process and Applications of Ultra-high-gauge Warpknitted Spacer Fabrics

2018/4/17 10:55:34

Abstract: Based on discussing the structures of the ultra-high-gauge spacer fabrics, this paper analyses the difference in structures and properties between ultra-high-gauge warp-knitted spacer fabrics and conventional ones and explains related knitting machinery and knitting principles. And then, th…

Research on the Evolution of Design Mode for Home Textiles after Digital Printing Becomes Popular

2018/4/17 10:54:13

Abstract: Compared with traditional printing mode, digital printing has made a revolutionary progress in many aspects and rapidly become a mainstream printing production mode. After digital printing becomes popular, the designers of the home textiles industry timely adjust their design ideas in order…

Design and Development of Knitted Fabric for Man’s Autumn/Winter Suit Pants

2018/3/9 11:15:17

Abstract: In this study, differential polyester yarn, polyurethane yarn, polyester/viscose blended yarn, combed cotton yarn and polyamide yarn were selected and used for knitting five different kinds of fabrics in double-layer stitch and ponte-roma for man’s autumn/winter suit pants. According to th…

Design and Development of Weft-knitted Double-faced Jacquard Mattress Fabrics

2018/3/9 11:13:37

Abstract: This paper first analyzes the research status of weft-knitted mattress fabrics. Although the proportion of weft-knitted mattress fabrics in the market has been increasing steadily, the simple and similar patterns of knitted fabrics have limited its further development. Three kinds of weft-k…
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