Product Development

Study on Influencing Factors of the Elastic Recovery of Double Filament Core-spun Yarn Fabric

11/18/2022 2:44:37 PM

Abstract: In order to improve the elastic recovery of lightweight shirting with the help of double filament core-spun yarn, the effect of the draft ratio of the elastic core, the types of the supporting core, their contents, and the contents of the double filament core-spun yarn in the fabric on the …

The Functional Design of Fabrics in Competition-type Skiwear from the Perspective of Patents

11/18/2022 2:43:44 PM

Abstract: The holding of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will promote ice and snow sports in China. Speeding up the development of the ice and snow industry and supporting enterprises to develop relevant products with high technology content and independent intellectual property rights are the top prior…

Research Progress on the Application of Acoustic Emission Technology in Fiber Materials

7/25/2022 4:07:19 PM

Abstract: As a dynamic nondestructive testing technology, acoustic emission technology is almost unlimited for all materials and can be widely used in stability assessment and damage detection of various materials or structures. This paper briefly introduces the principle of acoustic emission technol…

Production and Application of Metallized Functional Textiles

5/20/2022 4:40:29 PM

Abstract: This paper reviews the preparation methods of metallized functional textiles and focuses on the principle and application status of metal-coated functional textiles by vacuum magnetron sputtering. Meanwhile, it also looks forward to the future development direction of metallized functional …

Innovative Design of Home Textiles Fabrics Based on the Combination of Printing and Embroidery

4/7/2022 10:07:34 AM

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of the single embroidery category and low acceptance of young consumers in the home textiles market, the combination of printing and embroidery and pattern innovation design is carried out. Through on-the-spot investigation and online investigation, it is found that t…

Comfort Performance of POM/Cotton Blended Fabric

12/31/2021 2:07:21 PM

Abstract: In order to explore the performance and market application prospect of POM/cotton blended fabric, the paper compared its properties with common summer fabrics (including double-work cotton fabric, polyoxymethylene fiber fabric, CVC fabric, polyester fabric, woven cotton fabric, single-sided…

Research on Production Technologies of High-count and High-density Cotton/TencelTM Ultra-thin Shirting

12/31/2021 12:00:00 AM

Abstract: After designing the product specification and production processes, a kind of high-count and high-density cotton/TencelTM ultra-thin shirting was produced by interlacing high-count cotton yarn and TencelTM staple yarn. High-count and high-density fabrics with a high total number of warps ar…

Study on the Elastic Polyester Composite Filaments and Elastic Effect of Fabric

8/26/2021 2:00:05 PM

Abstract: The elastic polyester composite filaments are prepared by conventional polyester/modified polyester bi-component spinning. Then selected relatively sparse weave specifications and woven elastic polyester composite filaments into a fabric. After the alkali reduction and setting process, the …

Production Practice of Multi-colors Corduroy

8/26/2021 1:58:42 PM

Abstract: The paper mainly introduces a method of producing multi-color corduroy. By introducing the basic weave design, linear density of warp and weft, as well as the processing method and the key points of design in this practice, the paper expounds the main reasons for the multi-color corduroy ef…

Process Design and Product Development of Vegetable Dyeing of Comfortable Wool Fabric

4/27/2021 2:15:12 PM

Abstract: Based on the inherent structural characteristics of wool fiber and the dyeing characteristics of vegetable dyes, the paper carries out research on the short-time, low-consumption, non-polluting dyeing process of new ecological vegetable dyes, weave design of elastic and easy-stretching fabr…
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