Product Development

Product Development Status of China’s Consumer Market Based on the 2019 Top Ten Textile Innovative Products

2020/3/30 16:09:13

Abstract: Entrusted by the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China National Textile and Apparel Council has carried out the work of cultivating and promoting the ten categories of top textile innovative products for three years since 2017.T…

Performance Research and Product Development of Luminescent Yarn

2020/1/21 15:58:26

Abstract: Luminescent yarns have unique technological attributes and stylish appearance, which have broad application prospects in the textile industry. Luminescent yarns generally use polyester, polyamide or polypropylene as the raw materials. Usually, rare earth long-lasting phosphor materials and …

Development of Double-layer Jacquard Imitation Crepe Fabric

2019/7/24 12:37:01

Abstract: Crepe is often used as a means of deep processing and secondary design of fabrics. The conventional crepe fabric is made on the calender for creping by the principle of thermal deformation of chemical fiber materials. The paper designed double-layer weft elastic jacquard structure, which us…

Comparison of Process and Effect of the Hand-push Embroidery and Computer Embroidery

2019/7/24 12:36:10

Abstract: The embroidery is an important decorative technique in fashion design. Computer embroidery is used in most embroidery works for its high efficiency and low cost. However, with the increasing popularity of clothing customization, the traditional hand-push embroidery has re-emerged. The paper…

Effect of Technological Parameters on Fuzzing and Pilling Properties of Polyester/Cotton Woven Fabrics

2019/5/15 15:58:07

Abstract: Based on the pilling mechanism of woven fabric, this paper carried out a comprehensive research from different raw materials, spinning system, and weaving process, and discussed the effect of important process parameters on the pilling performance of polyester/cotton woven fabrics. Results …

Fabric Weave Design Based on Function and Appearance Style

2019/5/15 15:57:04

Abstract: Fabric weave is the law of the warp and weft interweaving in fabrics, which are the important section of fabric development and product design. Based on relative researches at home and abroad in recent years, relying on different requirements for fabrics’ functions and appearance, the pape…

Development Practice of Elastic Satiny Burnt-out Crepe

2018/10/19 16:34:09

Abstract: The paper introduces the whole process of designing and developing elastic satiny burnt-out crepe with mulberry silk, viscose filament and polyurethane fiber as the raw materials, carries out a study on its processes including, raw material configuration, greige weaving, burnt-out, dyeing, …

Development of High-quality Cotton-like PET Weft-knitted Fabric

2018/10/19 16:26:18

Abstract: This paper compares and analyzes the basic performance and mechanical property of YilonTM, polyester fiber and cotton fiber, and analyzed the YilonTM/cotton (65/35) blended yarn property produced by different spinning technology with same yarn count, including ring spinning, siro-spun spinn…

Design and Pattern Formation Principle of Weft-knitted Fabric of Cyclical Section-color Slub Yarn

2018/8/16 13:23:41

Abstract: This paper carries out a study on the spinning principle of the cyclical section-color slub yarn and the weaving principle of the weft-knitted fabric. Based on the distribution rules of section-color slubs on yarn, the pattern formation principle of section-color slub yarn with different cy…

Effects of Multilayered Structure on the Thermal Insulation Property of Polyester Batting

2018/8/16 13:22:43

Abstract: Taking polyester batting as the main thermal insulation material and combed with several spacer materials like cotton gauzes, aluminized films and aluminized nonwovens, this paper studies the effects of spacer materials on the thermal insulation property of multilayered battings and its mec…
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