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Study On the Business Model for Sustainable Fashion

2018/10/19 17:34:14

Abstract: Nowadays, sustainable development has been a new theme of fashion industry. Research on sustainable business models is investigated accordingly. This research implements concept and relative theory of business model for sustainable fashion .Based on this , it analyzes business model of sust…

Analysis on Zhejiang’s Textile and Garment Industry Competitiveness Based on Grey Correlation Method

2018/10/19 17:32:27

Abstract: As part of Zhejiang’s traditional manufacturing industry, the textile and garment industry provides tax revenue source for Zhejiang Province, and attracts number of employment, which affects the development speed and development quality of Zhejiang’s economy. With the drastic changes in t…

Strategies for Promoting the Development of Beijing’s Textile and Apparel Industry

2018/9/20 16:30:53

Abstract: Beijing has rich cultural deposits, a huge potential consumer market and good industrial support to develop textile and apparel industry. In recent years, the textile and apparel industry has made considerable progress in cultural heritage, scientific and technological innovation, and inter…

An Analysis on a Textile Enterprise’s Economic Risks of Investing in Ethiopia Based Through AHP-CIM

2018/9/20 16:26:47

Abstract: To carry out a research on an investment project of a Chinese textile enterprise in Ethiopia, the paper carries on positive analysis on the economic risks of overseas investment projects under the AHPCIM analytical model, so as to provide certain decision-making reference for textile compan…

Status and Trends of the Integration of Industrialization with Information Technology in China‘s Cotton Textile Industry

2018/9/20 16:25:04

Abstract: In order to learn the current situation of the integration of industrialization with information technology of China's cotton textile enterprises, in 2017, China Cotton Textile Association conducted a survey on related development situation of some spinning enterprises and weaving enterpris…

Carbon Footprint Evaluation of Textiles and Apparel Based on Their Lifecycles

2018/6/13 9:43:37

Abstract: Low-carbon development is an important part of sustainable development. The paper introduces the concepts of carbon footprint and product lifecycle as well as the calculation and evaluation standards of carbon footprint. Based on lifecycle evaluation, the paper elaborates on the lifecycles …

Recycling of Used Clothes in the Mode of Intelligent Garbage Classification

2018/6/13 9:42:47

Abstract: The paper introduces the present situation of used clothes reclamation in Beijing, including the recycling network of regenerated resources in Beijing, the intelligent garbage classification mode, used cloths recycling channels, reutilization of used clothes, etc. It shows that Beijing’s i…

Status and Development Trend of Beijing’s Textile and Garment Industry

2018/6/13 9:41:53

Abstract: Through the analysis on the status of textile industry chain and the development of textile and garment industry in Beijing, the paper draws a conclusion that Beijing’s garment design industry is gradually taking shape. The relocation of low-end industrial processing links and the developm…

Development of School Uniform Industry under the Background of Market Economy

2018/6/13 9:40:44

Abstract: School uniform have become a unique symbol representing school culture and students’ spiritual features. Various factors including lifestyle, fashion elements, regional characteristics and brands have been introduced to the process of developing school uniform, while market-oriented and br…

The Recycling Modes and Higher Value Applications of Discarded Textiles in China

2017/2/15 11:14:26

Abstract: The paper introduces the status-quo of reclamation of discarded textiles in China and discusses the existing recycling modes including the methods and techniques for recycling discarded textiles, and based on which, it analyzes the higher value applications of discarded clothes recovered by…
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