Industry Review

Development Status and Problems of Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry

2020/4/30 20:17:15

Abstract: The textile and apparel industry is an important component of the Vietnamese economy. In recent years, Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry has achieved rapid development with its abundant labor resources, low tariff, and government policy support, and has become a new force in the world…

Optimization Strategy of Textile and Garment Industry Clusters in Jiangsu Province Based on Location Quotient

2020/3/2 20:53:20

Abstract: This paper selected the textile and garment industry cluster in the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou region as the representative cluster of that in Jiangsu Province. Based on the analysis of the current construction status of each cluster in Jiangsu Province, the paper conduct a vertical comparison a…

Assessment and Comparison of Two Kinds of Cotton Fabrics’ Life Cycle

2020/3/2 20:53:02

Abstract: Recycling of waste textiles is an important way to reduce the pollution of the current textile and apparel industry. Recycling by the mechanical method is a means of recycling waste textiles. Opening waste textiles into spinnable recycled fibers as raw materials for various types of textile…

Research on the Development Situation and Countermeasures of Printing and Dyeing Industry in Shandong Province

2019/11/13 16:55:05

Abstract: The development of China’s printing and dyeing industry is in the reshaping period, and the industrial competition mode and layout are constantly changing. The printing and dyeing industry in Shandong Province has a high-level intelligence, various leading enterprises, and complete product…

The Influence of Sino-US Trade Frictions on the Export of Bilateral Textile & Apparel Trade and the Countermeasure Analysis

2019/10/25 19:42:56

Abstract: The United States is the world’s largest importer and consumer for textiles and apparel, and also the largest export destination for Chinese textiles and apparel, Sino-US trade frictions are bound to have a huge impact on bilateral textile and apparel trade. The paper analyzes the Sino-US …

The Evaluation of Location Selection for Xinjiang’s Cotton Spinning Enterprise’s International Capacity Cooperation

2019/10/25 0:00:00

— Empirical Research of Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and KyrgyzstanAbstract: The paper takes Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as the research objects, and takes the location selection of Xinjiang’s cotton spinning enterprises as the research content. The location selection evaluation ind…

Vertical Restraints and Motivation Analysis of Global Leading Carbon Fiber Enterprises

2019/8/13 12:33:29

Abstract: The vertical restraint theory of carbon fiber enterprises mainly studies the establishment of relatively stable trading relationships between upstream and downstream enterprises by signing contracts. On the basis of summarizing the existing vertical restraint theory, motivation and model, t…

Current Situation of China-ASEAN Textile Industry Trade Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

2019/8/13 12:32:17

Abstract: China proposed the “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013, which has been widely supported by the countries along the route. Textile raw materials and textiles play an important role in the economic development of China and ASEAN countries. With the construction and development of the CAFTA, …

Research and Analysis on the Going Out of Chinese Textile Enterprises under the Background of the Belt and Road

2019/3/18 10:57:48

Abstract: The “Belt and Road” Initiative has been proposed for five years. During this period, Chinese textile enterprises have actively responded to “go global” policies and established industrial chain cooperation with countries along the route. At the same time, the cooperation is extended fro…

Development Status and Trend of China’s Denim Industry

2019/3/18 10:55:29

Abstract: This paper introduces the operational situation of China’s denim production enterprises in 2018 by visiting and investigating the major denim production provinces and key enterprises in the country. It also analyzes typical denim enterprises, puts forward the problems and challenges faced …
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