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Research and Analysis on the Going Out of Chinese Textile Enterprises under the Background of the Belt and Road

2019/3/18 10:57:48

Abstract: The “Belt and Road” Initiative has been proposed for five years. During this period, Chinese textile enterprises have actively responded to “go global” policies and established industrial chain cooperation with countries along the route. At the same time, the cooperation is extended fro…

Development Status and Trend of China’s Denim Industry

2019/3/18 10:55:29

Abstract: This paper introduces the operational situation of China’s denim production enterprises in 2018 by visiting and investigating the major denim production provinces and key enterprises in the country. It also analyzes typical denim enterprises, puts forward the problems and challenges faced …

Research on Reverse Logistics Model Construction and Its Innovation of Clothes Recycling Channels

2019/3/18 0:00:00

— Taking Mr.R Clothes Recycling as an ExampleAbstract: With technology companies entering the field of clothes recycling, it has strong advantages in software development and capabilities in the platform operation compared with conventional recycling enterprises. By effectively connecting with offli…

Evolution and Structure Analysis of Innovative Network of Industryuniversity-research Cooperation in Textile Universities

2019/3/18 0:00:00

Abstract: In order to understand the status quo and development trend of the innovation of industryuniversity-research cooperation in textile universities, and propose corresponding countermeasures to promote technologically innovative ability of textile industry, the paper first constructed a networ…

Development Status of Chinese Independent Designer Brands

2019/1/10 15:46:06

Abstract: In order to explore the development status of new generation of Chinese independent designer brands, the paper took the Chinese independent designer brands created during 2000-2017 period as the research objects, carried out a comprehensive research on 100 representative Chinese independen…

Countermeasures to Low Carbonization Development of Garment Industry Based on LCA

2019/1/10 15:43:49

Abstract: Explore the low carbonization countermeasures of garment production, sale and consumption from the perspective of life cycle can help expand the ecological path of the garment industry, so that the concept of low carbonization can be placed throughout garment life cycle and the directions o…

Case Analysis and Countermeasure on Foreign Notification and Recall of the Textiles Made in China

2018/12/27 11:00:34

Abstract: In recent years, while the textile trade is driving China’s economic growth, it is also subject to the requirements of national security regulations and standards due to the quality of products, and the notification of recalls has occurred. This paper summarized four major international te…

Interpretation of the Revised Provisions of Annex XVII of REACH Regulations for Apparel and Footwear Products

2018/12/27 10:59:02

Abstract: On October 12, 2018, the EU Official Gazette issued the EU-Regulation 2018/1513 that adopted on October 10, 2018, announcing the revision of Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation, adding No. 72nd regulations and appendix 12 for apparel and footwear products. All the revision will take effect f…

Study On the Business Model for Sustainable Fashion

2018/10/19 17:34:14

Abstract: Nowadays, sustainable development has been a new theme of fashion industry. Research on sustainable business models is investigated accordingly. This research implements concept and relative theory of business model for sustainable fashion .Based on this , it analyzes business model of sust…

Analysis on Zhejiang’s Textile and Garment Industry Competitiveness Based on Grey Correlation Method

2018/10/19 17:32:27

Abstract: As part of Zhejiang’s traditional manufacturing industry, the textile and garment industry provides tax revenue source for Zhejiang Province, and attracts number of employment, which affects the development speed and development quality of Zhejiang’s economy. With the drastic changes in t…
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