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The Strategies for China’s Cotton Spinning Enterprises to Face the Impact of Imported Cotton Yarn

10/9/2022 3:19:47 PM

Abstract: The research revealed that cotton yarns in Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and other countries are cost competitive with Chinese ones. From the perspective of cotton yarn import volume, import resources, yarn count, yarn price, etc., the paper analyzes the impact of imported cotton yarn on China’…

Research on Digital Transformation of Textile SMEs Under the Digital Economy

7/25/2022 3:17:15 PM

Abstract: Under the wave of the digital economy, it is of great practical significance for textile SMEs, the important driving force in Shaoxing’s economic development, to effectively realize digital transformation.By conducting questionnaires and interviews and considering the development scale and…

Path Analysis of the Textile Industry to Follow the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals

5/20/2022 4:23:12 PM

Abstract: The carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals have pointed out a clear development direction for China’s textile industry. Therefore, low-carbon and sustainable development will be one of the fundamental principles of the industry for a long period of time in the future. Focusing on achie…

Research on the Printing and Dyeing Industry in the Central, Western China under the New Development Pattern (I): Taking the Development of Guiyang’s Printing and Dyeing Industry as an Example

5/20/2022 4:22:05 PM

Abstract: The paper studies the development status and trend of China’s printing and dyeing industry under the new development pattern, analyzes the value and effect of the printing and dyeing industry on the progress of the textile and apparel industry and regional development, and concludes the ke…

Study on the Countermeasures of the Development of China’s Textile and Garment Brands in the Epidemic Era

3/26/2022 12:00:00 AM

Abstract: The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is profoundly affecting and changing the world. Under the challenging epidemic prevention and control at home and aboard, China's textile and garment industry has shown a strong risk response ability and development resilience, maintaining a complete…

Study on the Impact of Labor Force Changes on China’s Textile Industry

3/26/2022 12:00:00 AM

Abstract: Labor force is the basic element of industrial development. This paper studies the new changes and characteristics of Chinese population structure, quality and mobility, analyzes the influence brought by the change of labor force to China’s textile industry, and puts forward some developme…

Impact of Labor Costs on the Profitability of Listed Companies in China’s Textile Industry— Based on Variable Intercept Panel Data Model

12/31/2021 1:48:14 PM

Abstract: By forming a variable intercept panel data model, the paper empirically analyzes the impact of labor costs on the profitability of listed companies in China’s textile industry. Research indicated that labor scale, average labor costs, and corporate competitiveness have a significant impact…

Proposals for the Development of Cross-border E-commerce in Shaoxing Textile Industry in the Post-epidemic Era

12/31/2021 1:46:35 PM

Abstract: In the post-epidemic era, cross-border e-commerce has become a new engine and new driving force for China’s foreign trade development. Based on the in-depth analysis of the competitiveness and influencing factors of the development of cross-border e-commerce in Shaoxing textile industry, t…

Status Quo, Challenges and Countermeasures of Brand Building of Chinese Cotton Textile Products

9/23/2021 10:56:03 AM

Abstract: Based on the product data of key cotton textile enterprises tracked by China Cotton Textile Association (CCTA) from 2011 to 2019, the paper analyzes the development status and product characteristics of China’s cotton textiles brands (including yarn and woven fabrics brands), as well as th…

Industrial Design Empowers the High-quality Development of China’s Textile Industry

9/23/2021 10:54:19 AM

Abstract: Since the “11th Five-year Plan” period (2006-2010), industrial design has gradually become China’s development strategy. By analyzing the background, development history, and status quo of industrial design, the paper systematically summarizes the contributions and achievements made by i…
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