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Application of Green Dyeing & Finishing Technologies in Hometextiles

2017/8/11 11:19:28

Abstract: Currently, producing home-textile fabric that comply with ecological and environment protection requirements has been widely recognized by home-textiles producers. This paper first defines the contents of “green dyeing & finishing” and then introduces some eco-friendly processing tech…

Application of Green/Functional Fibers in Bedding Articles

2017/8/11 11:18:19

Abstract: To produce green home-textiles, first green fibers should be used. The paper first analyzes some new requirements recently posed by consumers on bedding articles, which mainly include aesthetics, comfort, safety, eco-friendliness, healthcare, etc., and then it introduces several kinds of gr…

The Development of Fully-fashioned Knitted Sport Products

2017/7/18 17:48:28

Abstract: This paper first introduced fully-fashioned warp-knitting, circular-knitting and flat-knitting machines and related products, then it introduced the research on fully-fashioned knitted sport products in recent years and described the characteristics of such products, and finally, it summari…

Status Quo and Developing Trends of Fully-fashioned Knitwear Developed on Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

2017/7/18 17:47:38

Abstract: This paper first introduces the development and evolution of the fully-fashioned garment knitted on computerized flat knitting machine and their technical characteristics. Then, it introduces the structural features and types of the fully-fashioned knitted articles of footwear and headwear …

Research Progress on Seamless Knitting Technology for Double Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine

2017/7/18 17:46:44

Abstract: The paper reviews the development history of double needle bar warp knitting machine and introduces several models of technologically-proven double needle bar warp knitting machines and related CAD systems available on both domestic and overseas markets. It points out the features and desig…

Seamless Warp-knitting Technology and Related Production Process

2017/7/18 17:45:56

Abstract: Seamless warp-knitted goods are developing rapidly thanks to their outstanding features such as fully-fashioned, lightweight & air permeable and three-dimensional pattern. Based on introducing the knitting principle, the paper discusses how to produce baseless fabric with seamless techn…

Present and Future Development of Fully-fashioned Knitting Technology of Computerized Flat Knitting Machine and Related Products

2017/7/18 17:36:08

Abstract: Computerized flat knitting machine has a variety of fashioning and knitting functions, and it is the main equipment for the production of fully-fashioned knitwear. By introducing two-bed flat knitting, multineedle bed knitting and Autarkic Direct Feed (ADF) technologies, this paper summariz…

FA389 High-speed Drawing Frame with Automatic Adjustment of Draft Ratio: Production Practice and Applications

2017/6/9 15:05:57

Abstract: The paper introduces the functions, working principles and main technical data of Model FA389 intelligent drawing frame with automatic adjustment of draft ratio. It also analyzes the innovative technical features and key technologies of this machine, including digital setting of total draft…

Research on the Key Technique for Measuring the Locus of Individual Motor-driven Spindle on Ring Spinning Frame

2017/6/9 15:04:29

Abstract: To meet the requirements for high-speed spindle, the paper, based on computer vision technology, presents a new method for measuring the vibration locus of the head of individual-motor-driven spindle and related key techniques. The new method described in this paper uses high-speed camera t…

Spinning Machinery towards Automatic, Continuous, Intelligent and High-speed

2017/6/9 15:01:11

Abstract: Over the past few years, profound changes have taken place in traditional spinning industry, which are mainly reflected in the achievements made in making spinning machinery more automatic, continuous, intelligent, high-speed/high efficiency and energy-saving as well as in the upgrading of …
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