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Three-dimensional Woven Fabric: Classification, Properties and Production

2017/12/20 10:57:44

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the classification of three-dimensional woven fabric based on weave plan, structural characteristics and cross-section shapes, and also discusses the research progress in weave plan, weaving process and loom modification of three-dimensional woven fabric, aiming…

Design and Weaving of Three-dimensional Fabric

2017/12/20 10:55:19

Three-dimensional woven fabric is one of the textile composite materials that have attracted much attention in recent years. Since the technologies and methods for producing such fabric are quite diversified and they have solved the problems often seen in two-layer composite materials such as fabric …

Current and Future Development of Bio-based Spunmelt Nonwovens

2017/10/25 9:49:05

Abstract: Reclamation of resources has become an important trend for sustainable development of nonwoven industry. As people’s awareness of environmental protection enhanced, the development and application of bio-based polymer materials have become an industry-wide focus and new generation of bioba…

Latest Developments in Spunmelt Nonwoven Technology and Equipment

2017/10/25 9:48:02

Abstract: Spunmelt nonwovens cover the largest proportion of nonwovens. The development of spunmelt technology directly affects the innovation of hygienic & medical products. German-based Reifenh?user is a market leader of this technology and its Reicofil process is cited as the most widely used…

Testing Technologies and Standards for Moisture Absorbent and Quick-drying Property of Textiles

2017/9/11 16:38:00

Abstract: In this article, testing methods and standards for moisture absorbent and quick-drying property of textiles at home and abroad are compared and analyzed. Moisture absorbency-related standards are classified into six categories and quick-drying standards into five categories in accordance wi…

An Analysis on the Quality Status of Moisture Absorbent & Quickdrying Garment

2017/9/11 16:36:18

Abstract: Samples were drawn from 70 batches of garment on shelves which claimed to have moisture absorbent & quick drying or related functions, and they were tested and evaluated according to the national standard GB/T 21655.2 — 2009. The results show that only 17% of them can match with full r…

The Development and Property Analysis of Multi-component Mixed Moisture-absorbent and Breathable Knitted Fabric ( I )

2017/9/11 16:35:13

Abstract: To overcome many defects and problems existing in knitted fabric with moisture-absorbent and breathable property, four solutions for developing moisture-absorbent and breathable knitted fabric by using multi-component blended yarn and mixed knitting were proposed in this paper and the moist…

Status and Development of Moisture Absorbent and Quick-drying Textiles

2017/9/11 16:05:54

Abstract: Based on analyzing the principle of moisture absorbent and quick-drying property, the paper reviews the current applications of moisture absorbent/permeable fibers, fabric weaves & structures and functional finishing technologies in the development of moisture absorbent and quick-drying…

Design and Production of A Tencel®/Jutecell® Blended Home-textile Fabric

2017/8/11 11:23:07

Abstract: In this paper, to develop a high-quality eco-friendly home-textile fabric, Tencel? fiber and Jutecell? fiber were spun into combed yarn, which was then woven into gray fabric on air-jet loom and the gray fabric was mercerized to result a finished fabric. Since the Tencel?/Jutecell? blen…

Design and Production of Aloe Modified Viscose/Cotton Interwoven Weft Shear Yarn-dyed Fabric for Bedclothes

2017/8/11 11:21:46

Abstract: The key points in the design and production of aloe modified viscose/cotton interwoven weft shear yarn-dyed fabric for bedclothes were discussed. According to the characteristics of the fabric, the fabric specification, colored yarn repeat and fabric weave were designed, and the parameters …
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