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Dyeing & Finishing Technology and Fabrics Development Innovation

2018/4/18 10:26:06

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Fabric development is inseparable from the selection of materials and the design of texture. However, the improvement of fabric’s value added relies mainly on dyeing and finishing technology, and this is especially true for the development of…

Water-repellent and Anti-static One-bath Process for Polyester Fabrics and Polyamide Fabrics

2018/4/17 10:31:08

Abstract: This paper discusses the water-repellent and anti-static finish of polyester fabrics and polyamide fabrics. The fabrics were finished by using antistatic agent DM-3724 and waterproof agent 9033 in one bath and the interplay between waterproof effect and antistatic effect was investigated. T…

The Moisture-absorbent & Quick-drying Finishing of Polyester Knitted Fabrics

2018/4/17 10:29:30

Abstract: In the past few years, people propose higher requirements on quick-drying property of fabrics. In this paper, a dyeing and finishing process is developed for functional finishing of polyester knitted fabrics by using wicking finishing agent TF-620. Experimental results indicate that this pr…

Dyeing & Finishing Technology and Textile Product Development Innovation

2018/4/17 10:28:16

Abstract: The paper demonstrates the relationship between dyeing and finishing technology and product development & innovation. By analyzing how the innovation of dyeing and finishing technology promotes product development, this paper discusses the relationship between product development & …

Development and Application of AI Technology in the Knitting Industry

2018/3/9 10:53:49

Abstract: This paper introduces the definition and development status of AI technology in the knitting industry, and its role played in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the knitting industry. This paper classifies the application of AI technology in the knitting industry in five aspects,…

Application Status and Developing Trend of IoT in the Knitting Industry

2018/3/9 10:52:55

Abstract: This paper introduces the characteristics of IoT for knitting industry and expounds the applications of sensor technology in real-time production data collection and equipment energy consumption, RFID technology in quality management and warehousing management as well as cloud computing tec…

An Overview of IoT Technology in Textile Industry

2018/3/9 10:51:55

Abstract: Based on the status of IoT technology, the article introduces the application of IoT technology in the field of chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, garment and home textiles through several examples. And the article concludes that the application of IoT technology in …

Research on Intelligent Transformation of China’s Textile Industry Based on IoT

2018/3/9 10:50:46

Abstract: As one of the central enablers of the new-round scientific and technical revolution and industrial transformation, IoT is the core infrastructure that promotes the digital, network and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Deepening the application of IoT in the textile indus…

Weaving of Angle-interlock Fabric on Multi-eyelet Loom

2017/12/20 10:59:38

Abstract: In order to increase the thickness of three-dimensional woven fabric, two design schemes were proposed. Experimental study was carried out on weaving thicker n-layer orthogonal angle-interlock fabric on multi-eyelet loom, then four types of looming draft (including cross-sectional image of …

Design and Weaving of 3D Honeycomb Fabric with Density Gradient

2017/12/20 10:58:45

Abstract: Since existing honeycomb fabric with density gradient is still formed by bonding layers of different densities, there are some problems such as discontinuous fabric structure and easily-separated interface. By using textile technology, integral three-dimensional honeycomb fabric with densit…
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