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Design and Development of Ecological Functional Home Textiles

2018/8/16 11:17:17

Abstract: Ecological and functional are the two main trends for the design of home textiles. This paper presented the connotation of ecological and functional home textiles. On this basis, the paper carried out a comprehensive study on the ecological and functional development of home textiles in ter…

Development Status and Trend of Ecological Functional Home Textiles—Based on Design-based Perspective

2018/8/16 0:00:00

Abstract: This paper sums up the concept of “ecological functional home textiles”, and analyzes its development status from the perspectives of market supply and demand, industry standards, product design and development. On this basis, the development trend of ecological functional home textiles i…

Characteristic and Application of Air-jet Spun Yarn

2018/6/13 9:48:32

Abstract: At present, ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning and air-jet spinning are the four main types of spinning menthods. By comparing the principle of the four spinning methods, the corresponding yarn and fabric, this paper analyzed air-jet yarn’s characteristics, and summarized its …

Energy-consumption Analysis and Energy-saving Measures in Vortex Spinning Workshop

2018/6/13 9:47:41

Abstract: In order to analyze energy-consumption in the vortex spinning workshop and get efficient energy-saving measures, some separate tests for each production process and each stand-alone machine were conducted in this paper, thus the causes of high energy-consumption in the workshop were identif…

Key Technology of Multi-component Stock-dyed Yarn Produced with Air-jet Vortex Spinning System

2018/6/13 9:46:55

Abstract: The application status of air-jet vortex spinning in China was introduced in this paper, in terms of the number of equipment, the capacity, the variety of products, etc. The key technology points on the production of multi-component stock-dyed yarn with vortex spinning system were elaborate…

Research Progress of Key Technology for the Process Control of Air-jet Vortex Spinning

2018/6/13 9:45:52

Abstract: The mechanism of air-jet vortex spinning was analyzed in this paper, illuminating the similarities and differences compared with rotor spinning. And then, five key technology points for the process control of air-jet vortex spinning, including the parallel straightness of sliver, the splitt…

Application of Fibrous Framework with Human Autologous Stem Cells in Soft Tissue Regeneration

2018/5/14 16:14:11

Abstract: This paper introduces the technology of fibrous framework loaded with human autologous stem cells and its application advantages in soft tissue regeneration. By using key of human stem cells loading technology, the fibrous framework made from alginate materials can stimulate angiogenesis an…

Research Status and Application Prospects of Biomedical Hydrogel Dressings

2018/5/14 16:13:13

Abstract: Compared with traditional dressings, hydrogel dressings can keep the wounds in a moist environment and have obvious advantages in water vapor permeability, anti-infection property, biocompatibility property, and self-debridement property, etc. This paper mainly introduces the research statu…

Developing Status and Outlook of the Hernia Solutions and Its High Biocompatibility

2018/5/14 16:12:10

Abstract: This paper first sums up the classifications, characteristics and clinical utilization status of hernia solutions at home and abroad, and explains the importance of increasing the anti-infection property of hernia solutions. And then, the paper summarizes the approaches for increasing anti-…

Progress in the Research and Application of Medical Textile Materials with High Biocompatibility

2018/5/14 16:10:20

Abstract: This paper illustrated the classification and development status of medical textile materials at home and abroad. Then taking the natural fiber materials, such as chitin fiber, alginic acid fiber, collagen fiber and bamboo fiber, synthetic fiber materials, such as polylactic acid(PLA) fiber…
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