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Application and Principle Analysis on New Technology of Sizing with Lower Temperature or Lower Add-on

2018/12/27 11:03:22

Abstract: Except for using the eco-friendly sizing agent, the warp sizing technology need to be transformed at the same time. This paper describes the differences between the new technology of the sizing with lower temperature or lower add-on and the traditional one under higher temperature or higher…

Discussion on Green Weaving and Product Development

2018/12/27 11:02:20

Abstract: The implementation of green weaving and product development was a systematic project, which should carry out the green design of the whole process. This paper focuses on three important ways to realize: firstly, the selection of green textile raw materials, such as the use of green fiber, d…

Preview on ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 ( II )

2018/10/19 17:35:51

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 will be held on October 15-19 at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai. It is said that the exhibition has attracted more than 1 700 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, etc. And the upcomi…

Development and Research of Tussah Silk Blended Knitted Fabric

2018/9/20 17:02:09

Abstract: The paper introduces the characteristic of the tussah silk, develops knitted underwear fabric by blending with acrylic fiber and modal fiber in an appropriate proportion, and carries out a research on its production process and technical points, including specifications design, yarn design,…

Development of Wool/Tussah Silk Blended Casual Fabric

2018/9/20 17:00:35

Abstract: This paper introduces the design and development process of wool/tussah silk blended casual fabric. From the aspects of raw material selection, spinning process, weaving process, finishing process, the effect of various factors, i.e., fineness and content of raw material, yarn count, parame…

Development and Innovation of Tussah Silk Used in Cotton Textiles

2018/9/20 16:40:03

Abstract: The paper discusses the innovative ideas of tussah silk used in cotton textiles. Based on the analysis of the performance of tussah silk fiber and market requirement, the development plan of tussah silk used in cotton textiles were planned, so as to develop novel products. And the paper als…

Production of Tussah Spun Silk Fiber and Related Spinning Process

2018/9/20 16:38:35

Abstract: This paper discusses the characteristics of tussah silk, introduces the processing of tussah silk yarn and the innovation and achievements of traditional schappe spinning process, and concludes the production and related spinning process of cut-breaking strand of tussah spun silk and stretc…

Research on the Development Direction of Tussah Silk Products

2018/9/20 16:36:40

Abstract: The paper introduces the production processes, fiber features of tussah silk, as well as its characteristics, such as original ecology, bacteriostatic, skin-friendly, fluffy warmth, etc., and looks forward to the development direction of tussah silk based on the current development status o…

Design and Production of Far-infrared Health-care Bedding Fabric

2018/8/16 11:19:42

Abstract: This paper introduces how to design and produce a bedding fabric with pure cotton yarn and farinfrared polyester fiber/cotton fiber blended yarn. Thereinto, the far-infrared polyester fiber/cotton fiber blended yarn is used as weft yarn, and the cotton yarn as warp yarn. Using warp satin as…

Development of a Complete-set OPW Home Textiles with Ecological Characteristics

2018/8/16 11:18:46

Abstract: To solve high energy consumption and high pollution during dyeing process of home textile fabrics, and great fabric loss, complex process, labor shortage in the following processes, a complete-set one piece woven(OPW) home textiles was developed. The product is made of organic cotton and so…
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