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Technological Development of Advanced Electronic Textiles

2019/5/15 15:26:42

Abstract: In recent years, the flourishing of the electronics industry has driven the development of the electronic textiles industry. The miniaturization of electronic device makes it be easily applied to the garment industry. Intelligent garment with electronic elements is high-end technology produ…

Preparation and Property of Bionic Super-hydrophobic Cotton Fabric Based on TiO2 Nanotubes

2019/4/15 17:23:57

Abstract: To endow the cotton fabric with the superhydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, a porous TiO2 nanotube network is constructed on its surface based on the bionics principle. TiO2 nanotubes were prepared by TiO2 nanoparticles as its raw material. Subsequently, perfluorooctyl triethoxy sila…

Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Fluoroalkyl Silanes Treatment on Water-repellent and Oil-repellent Properties of Polyester Nonwovens

2019/4/15 17:23:05

Abstract: To improve the water-repellent and oil-repellent properties of PET nonwoven materials, the materials were pretreated by atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma and then treated by 1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorooctyl triethoxysilane. The paper carried out a research on the surface morph…

Development and Application Status of Water-proof Agent

2019/4/15 17:22:07

Abstract: The paper introduces the environmental protection characteristics, product efficacy, operation key points, performance evaluation and development direction of the water-proof agent used in textile fabrics, and points out the problems encountered in the actual production of water-proof produ…

MES System Construction in Weft Knitting Intelligent Workshop

2019/3/18 11:17:03

Abstract: In order to solve the problems of small-batch diversified orders, large inventory, increased environmental stress of the current knitting enterprises, as well as the transformation and upgrading of the original information system and management mode of the enterprise, the MES system based o…

Intelligent Manufacturing Oriented CNC Spinning Technology and Digital Yarn Product Development

2019/3/18 11:13:58

Abstract: The paper introduces the concepts of CNC spinning, flexible spinning and digital processing of yarn. Based on the self-developed three-channel CNC ring spinning frame, the paper also introduces its software and hardware system and network management mode, establishes the digital model of sp…

Application of Digital Twin Technology in Textile Intelligent Factory

2019/3/18 11:13:09

Abstract: The paper carries out research on the application of digital twin technology in textile intelligent manufacturing, and analyzes the difference among digital twin technology and CPS and digital thread technology. Taking spinning intelligent factory as the example, the paper puts forward its …

System and Platform of Textile and Garment Intelligent Factory

2019/3/18 11:11:59

Abstract: The Made in China 2025 Initiative works to build China into a leader in manufacturing in 2025, so as to boost China's economy with the prosperity and strength of the manufacturing industry. Emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, big data, additive manu…

The Application of Environmental Sizing in Practical Production

2018/12/27 11:05:08

Abstract: The paper carried out a comprehensive research on the influence of the sizing formula and the sizing process of PVA size and polyacrylamide size on the sizing quality and the weaving effect, and analyzed related sizing cost. Results showed that polyacrylamide size could displace PVA size in…

Preparation of Degraded Corn Starch and Its Rheological Behavior

2018/12/27 11:04:17

Abstract: The preparation and properties of degraded corn starch were studied by using corn starch as a raw material, ammonium persulfate as oxidant, sodium hydrogen sulfite as reducing agent and hydrochloric acid as an acidulate agent. The effects of reaction time, reaction temperature and reagent d…
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