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The Trend of New-type Home Textiles Integrated Technology and Fashion

2019/8/13 12:34:39

Abstract: With the promotion of consumption upgrade and high-quality development, the integration of technology and fashion is of great importance for home textile products. The paper analyzes the economic operation of China’s home textile industry in recent years, and exemplifies the development of…

Development of Shoe Upper Knitted by Computerized Flat Knitting Machine and Related Equipment

2019/7/24 12:21:46

Abstract: The paper firstly outlines the basic situation of shoe upper knitted by computerized flat knitting machine, and then introduces its development from the aspects of yarn, stitch, shoe shape and production equipment. Key words: computerized flat knitting machine; knitted upper; product develo…

Discussion on the New Technology of Double-bed Single-jacquard Shoe Upper

2019/7/24 12:20:24

Abstract: By analyzing various offset methods of the new-type three-needle jacquard technique with overlap offset effect and their related jacquard pattern, the paper carried out a comprehensive research on the new method of pattern design for the double-bed single-jacquard shoe upper, and expounded …

Production Technology and Development Trend of Weft-knitted Jacquard Shoe Upper

2019/7/24 12:18:39

Abstract: In order to carry out product design and development of the weft-knitted jacquard shoe upper, the paper expounded the research status and market status of the weft-knitted jacquard shoe upper firstly, indicating that it has important research value and good development prospect. And then, t…

Application of Weft Knitting Technology in Sports Shoe Upper

2019/7/24 12:17:10

Abstract: This paper introduces the general characteristics of sports shoes, analyzes the classification and characteristics of weft-knitted sports shoes upper based on the structural properties of weft knitting and its fabrics, and forecasts the development direction of knitted sports shoe upper. Ke…

Development and Application of New Fancy Yarn

2019/6/18 11:14:11

Abstract: Wavy yarn is a new-type fancy yarn with a more abundant structure based on the conventional yarn structure of slub yarn. The production equipment of wavy yarn solves the length-limited problem of slub yarn due to the fiber length factor, can meet the demand of the subsequent weaving process…

Latest Developments of Fancy Yarns and Their Equipment

2019/6/18 11:12:59

Abstract: In recent years, the development direction of fancy yarns has mainly focused on the following three aspects. The first is the application of new materials, blending the fibers of different lengths, materials and functions; the second is the innovation of yarn structure; the third is the coo…

Current Situation and Development Trend of Fancy Yarns

2019/6/18 11:11:45

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the current research status of fancy yarns, and the production technology of new special fancy yarns as well as some fancy yarns developed by some textile universities and fancy yarns enterprises, including electromagnetic intelligent yarn, color gradient yarn, …

Advances in Human Monitoring of Intelligent Electronic Textiles

2019/5/15 15:32:28

Abstract: Intelligent electronic textiles are widely used in the field of medical treatment and health, human motion, and human-computer interaction. Thereinto, conductive textiles and flexible sensors are the core components of intelligent electronic textiles. This paper introduces the progress of i…

Principle and Research Progress of Wearable Electrodes Collecting ECG

2019/5/15 15:31:29

Abstract: Long-term collection of human ECG via using wearable devices can provide important information for prevention of chronic diseases and monitoring postoperative rehabilitation of diseases, as well as alleviate the social medical pressure brought by aging population. Therefore, relevant resear…
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