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Progress and Prospect of Sustainable Technology for Packaging Polyester Industry Chain

2020/3/2 20:53:28

Abstract: Polyester has been widely used in the field of retail packaging bottles (disposable bottles and durable bottles), sheet materials (vacuum forming pack), and film, etc. This paper introduced related technologies, including bio-based raw materials, optimization process of synthesis technology…

Discussion on Automatic Information Technology of Weaving Preparation and Weaving Equipment

2019/12/19 11:30:30

Abstract: In order to promote the intelligent development of the textile industry and improve international competitiveness, the paper starts from the weaving preparation and weaving process, including their technical innovation, efficient match-making of processes, and intelligent central control ma…

Technical Progress of Weaving Equipment in ITMA 2019

2019/12/19 11:29:01

Abstract: The paper reviews the highlights of key weaving equipment enterprises at the ITMA 2019, including automated and intelligent winding machines efficient and practical warping machines, energysaving and efficient sizing machines, and automated drawing-in frames, high-speed opening equipment,an…

Research on Dyeing Process of NaiaTM Acetate Fiber and Related Interwoven Fabric

2019/9/23 19:26:34

Abstract: Diacetate fiber has many excellent properties and is very popular among consumers. However, the dyeing of the diacetate fiber interwoven fabric has some problem and difficulties. The paper focuses on related dyeing difficulties of diacetate fiber fabrics, and analyzes the matters need atten…

Development and Production Practice of Woven Products Made of NaiaTM Acetate Fiber

2019/9/23 19:25:37

Abstract: The paper introduces the development of woven products made of NaiaTM acetate fiber, such as interweave fabric with other fibers, to achieve more diverse fabric styles by taking advantage of other fibers characteristics. And the paper analyzes the development and processing points of NaiaTM…

Technical Summary and Processing Guide of NaiaTM Acetate Fiber

2019/9/23 19:22:04

Abstract: Acetate is a unique fiber derived from natural materials. Due to its unique optical and mechanical properties, it is one of the best silk imitation product. The paper introduces the properties of acetate products, including linear density, hygroscopicity, electrical conductivity, tensile pr…

Research on the Product Development Directions of NaiaTM Acetate Fiber

2019/9/23 0:00:00

Abstract: The paper introduces the performance, eco-attributes and advantages of NaiaTM acetate fiber.The specific product development directions of NaiaTM acetate fiber are analyzed based on its performance characteristics and the guide of the latest eco-friendly and fashion trends, providing practi…

Development and Practice of Home Textiles Integrated Technology and Fashion

2019/8/13 12:37:17

Abstract: With the development of the textile industry, home textiles increasingly emphasize technology and fashion. Product development integrated technology and fashion has become an important research and development direction in the home textile industry. Home textile kits and quilt filling are t…

Design Research and Development of Fashion Home Textiles

2019/8/13 12:36:30

Abstract: With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption demand has changed from “material and cultural needs” to “a better life”, which point out the new directions for the design of fashion home textile products. Through the design and d…

Application of New Materials and Technologies in the Development of Fashion Home Textiles

2019/8/13 12:35:37

Abstract: In recent years, high-tech intelligent textiles have enriched people’s life because of its simplicity, functional touch and practicality. From the perspective of health and comfort, green ecology, and innovative design, this paper expounds the importance of the application of new textile m…
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