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Research and Development of Nanocellulose-reinforced Composite Materials

2017/2/15 11:18:20

Abstract: Nanocellulose is a new nano-material, which has bio-degradability, higher tenacity than conventional steel or aramid fiber (Kevlar?), good transparency, moisture absorbency and conductivity. The paper introduces the technical features and progress in research and development of nanocellulo…

Development and Outlook of Bio-based Synthetic Fiber Monomers

2017/2/15 11:16:59

Abstract: In recent years, developing environmental-friendly and high-performance bio-based synthetic fibers has become an important development direction of chemical fiber industry However, the preparation and large-scale production technology of monomer is the main bottleneck in the development of …

An Approach to the Production Process of Superfine High-density Down-proof Fabric

2016/12/21 13:37:54

Abstract: To overcome the problem of low weaving efficiency when weaving superfine high-density (740/620) polyester down-proof fabric on air-jet loom, the paper analyzed the parameters for warping process, size formula, sizing process and loom set and put forward some measures for improving the param…

The Practice in Production of High-count & High-density Tencel® & Modal Fabric

2016/12/21 13:36:39

Abstract: The paper focused on analyzing the principle of selecting size for Tencel? and Modal yarn, the design of sizing process and related quality guarantee measures as well as the design of weaving process and related quality guarantee measures. Moreover, it also proposed some solutions for some…

An Approach to the Sizing Process for High-count & High-density Yarn-dyed Fabric

2016/12/21 13:35:31

Abstract: Due to fine yarn count and high fabric density, the production of high-count & high-density fabric is often accompanied with high warp breakage rate and low weaving efficiency, especially after the fabric being dyed, the single-end strength, elongation and hairiness indicators of the ya…

The Development and Production of High-count & High-density Pure Cotton Yarn-dyed Iron-free Shirting

2016/12/21 13:34:19

Abstract: After liquid ammonia finish, high-count & high-density pure cotton yarn-dyed fabric can be made into crease-resistant iron-free shirting with soft, smooth and crispy handle, silky shade on fabric surface and high value-added, which is an ideal fabric for making high-grade shirt. The pap…

The Varieties and Production Technologies of High-count & Highdensity Fabrics

2016/12/21 13:32:47

Abstract: High-count & high-density fabrics belong to the category of high-grade textile fabrics. In this paper, their definitions were made clear, and the varieties, characteristics and applications of some typical high-count & high-density fabrics including bedding fabrics, high-grade yarn-…

The Development of High-count & High-density Fabric

2016/12/21 13:30:01

Thanks to their characteristics such as soft and delicate handle and silk-like smoothness as well as high value added, good benefits and notable technology content, high-count and high-density fabric represent a developing trend of deep processing and increasing value-added for textile industry. Due …

Application of Laser Engraving Technology in Denim Garments Washing

2016/11/21 19:14:37

Abstract: In recent years, denim garments washing technology has developed rapidly. Laser engraving technology is environmentally friendly, economical, personalized, so it has caused widespread concern in the garment washing companies and related research institutions. This paper introduced the princ…

The Current Situation and Development Trends of Digital Inkjet Printing Machine for Textile

2016/11/21 19:13:49

Abstract: In this paper, the digital inkjet printing printer, Single-Pass device, nozzle technology, color management system and auxiliary equipment for digital printing were summarized with the information from the exhibition of ITMA 2015 and the GDITP 2016. MS LaRio, SPGPrints PIKE, Konica Minolta …
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