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The Application of Warp-knitting Technology in High-strength and Environment-resistant Geotextiles

2017/5/9 13:58:57

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the structures,properties and applications of axial warp-knitted fabrics, warp-knitted spacer fabrics and warp-knitted/nonwoven compound fabrics. The huge advantages of warp knitting technology in the production of high-strength and environment-resistant geotex…

Development Status-quo and Outlook of Geotextiles

2017/5/9 13:23:27

Abstract: Based on analyzing different production processes and types of raw materials for geotextiles, the paper points out that nonwoven geotextiles have broader application fields. It also introduces two kinds of nonwoven geotextiles production processes, one is based on filament spun-bonding and …

Analysis on the Coloration and Chromatography of Linen Fabric Dyed by Natural Sappan Wood

2017/4/11 13:32:03

Abstract: Color analysis of linen fabric dyed by sappan wood was made through single factor experiment in order to study the impact of the process conditions. The results showed that the dye concentration, dyeing temperature, dyeing time, pH value, dyeing times, mordant types and concentration, morda…

Problems and Research Progress of Dyeing and Printing with Natural Dyes

2017/4/11 13:19:28

Abstract: This paper discussed some problems that obstructed the development of natural dyes, including the disadvantages on chromatography, fastness, dyeing rate, printing, identification methods and standards.Some related research process were also introduced. Key words: natural dye; dyeing; printi…

Research on Dyeing Performance of a Natural Brown Pigment on Wool Fabric

2017/4/11 0:00:00

Abstract: The pigment of Agaricus brunnescens Peck is a by-product in mushroom industry. The dyeing performance of the pigment on wool fabric was studied. The pigment was deep brown and its λmax was 256 nm in water. Under the optimum condition(pH value 3, 95 ℃ for 80 min without any other agent), t…

The Application of Functional Finishing Technology in the Development and Production of Sportswear Fabric

2017/3/16 10:33:18

Abstract: Starting from discussing the wearing requirements on sportswear fabric, the paper briefs on the comfort properties and functions of the fabric obtained from functional finishing as well as the development, production process and matters to be noticed during production of such fabric, and th…

Development of Functional Knitted Sportswear Fabric

2017/3/16 10:32:07

Abstract: Based on introducing several kinds of functional knitted fabric for sportswear including fabric with thermal-wet comfort, fabric with elasticity and pressure comfort and protective fabric, the development and applications of such fabric at home and abroad are reviewed from the perspectives …

The Technological Innovation and Developing Trend of Outdoor Sporting Goods

2017/3/16 10:30:49

— A Case Study of Toread Holding Group Co., Ltd.Abstract: Based on analyzing the development status-quo of outdoor sporting goods, including the influence of lifestyle, market demand and technological innovation on the development of such products, the paper sums up the technological innovation mode…

Development and Production of Functional Chemical Fiber Woven Fabric

2017/3/16 10:29:11

Abstract: The paper mainly introduces the designing and principle of process route for developing chemical fiber woven fabric, especially the adjustment made to raw materials and process in accordance with different destinations and different standards of the functional products and the disposal of c…

The Latest Development of Super Fibers and Related Advanced Composite Materials

2017/2/15 11:19:33

Abstract: Super fibers and related advanced composite materials are important part of modern metamaterials and also the forerunner and support materials for new-generation of aviation & aerospace, defense & military and sophisticated sciences. The paper introduces the latest development and a…
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