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Design and Production of Woven Cut-out Jacquard Shower Curtain

2020/12/30 13:44:48

Abstract: In recent years, with the increasing popularity of cut-out jacquard shower curtains, cut-out varieties are widely favored by consumers due to their fashionable and individualized expression. However, they are also hard to produce due to the high technical requirements. In order to enrich th…

Application of Guochao Trend in Jacquard Fabric Design

2020/12/30 13:43:53

Abstract: Domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional style and culture are fashionable and avant-garde, which are sought-after among young people. Jacquard fabric has the characteristics of high weaving flexibility, diversified weave, rich color, and a strong layered sense of p…

Design and Production of Jacquard Double-faced Fleece

2020/12/30 13:42:35

Abstract: This paper introduces the assembling and production of the jacquard loom, expounds process parameter, pattern design, notation design, card design process of jacquard double-faced fleece, as well as the finishing process and related main points. The produced jacquard double-faced fleece has…

Design of Dissolve Style Woven Photograph Jacquard Fabric

2020/12/30 13:36:28

Abstract: Drawing on the experience of dissolve techniques in the film and television field, the experiment used this technique in the design of the jacquard fabric. This paper analyzed both the match-making mode and expression of dissolve style woven photograph fabric, introduced the multiple-weft w…

Application of Microcapsule Technology in Textile Printing

2020/11/25 9:21:17

Abstract: The paper summarized the preparation methods of fragrant microcapsules, photochromic microcapsules, phase change microcapsules, mosquito repellent microcapsules, foaming microcapsules,and multi-color and multi-point microcapsules, and analyzes the applications of microcapsule technology,whi…

Classification of Digital Printing Equipment and Enterprise Application Status

2020/11/25 9:19:47

Abstract: Based on the digital printing machines currently on the market, the paper classifies the printing objects and nozzle movement methods, introduces the characteristics and application of different types of printing machines. In the end, the paper explains the advantages of digital printing an…

Research Status of Ecological Printing Technology for Textiles

2020/11/25 9:18:10

Abstract: This paper summarizes the technology of wash-free printing, foam printing and digital printing with disperse dyes. The dispersibility of liquid disperse dyes, the modification of binder and the factors affecting the performance of foam printing paste were emphatically analyzed. And the prob…

Technological Discussion on the EcoCosy® Antibacterial® Fiber in Denim Development

2020/10/11 17:11:33

Abstract: With the development and upgrading of technologies, as well as the driving from high-quality demand, customers’ demand for the functional and comfortable denim is becoming ever more obvious. Combined with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, people are paying more attention to an…

The Innovative Development of EcoCosy® Fibers in Knitted Underwear

2020/10/11 17:09:48

Abstract: This paper introduces the eco-friendly, excellent hygroscopic and skin-friendly properties of regenerated cellulose fiber. In view of the above characteristics, the paper introduces the product development and application of EcoCosy? fibers in knitted underwear, and analyzes the reasonable…

Research on the Optimal Process of EcoCosy? BV Fiber in the Production of High-count Yarn by Air-jet Vortex Spinning

2020/10/11 17:07:46

Abstract: Air-jet vortex spinning is a new method developed on the basis of air-jet spinning. It twists the fiber bundle into yarn via the high-speed vortex generated inside the nozzles of the machine. Due to its highspeed, high-yield, and high-quality output, it is quickly recognized by the textile …
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