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Application of Optical Fiber Fabric in Medical Field

2020/5/26 15:29:29

Abstract: The paper briefly introduces the concept of optical fiber and optical fiber fabric, and analyzes the application of signal transmission optical fiber fabric, emitting optical fiber fabric and optical fiber sensing fabric in the medical field in detail. Key words: optical fiber; fabric; medi…

Research and Application Progress of Knitting Stress Sensor

2020/5/26 15:27:18

Abstract: Knitting stress sensor is a kind of textile material with electrical conductivity. When it is used as a garment fabric, it can deform significantly with human body movement and convert the fabric deformation into an electrical signal. The garment is prepared by using the knitted stress sens…

Development Status and Application Prospect of Intelligent Knitting Products

2020/5/26 15:24:35

Abstract: Smart knitting products improve the wearing comfort of conventional smart textiles, and are more in line with the requirements of wearable electronic devices for comfortable fitting, which have broad development prospects and market potential. This paper expounds the research content and th…

Safety Evaluation Status of Nanomaterials for Textiles Functional Finishing

2020/4/30 20:24:05

Abstract: Nanomaterials are very popular in the field of functional finishing due to their unique physical and chemical properties. However, as people continue to understand the potential risks of nanotechnology, the safety of nanomaterials for functional textiles has become ever more concerned by co…

Nanocoating and Its Application in Dyeing and Finishing

2020/4/30 20:17:31

Abstract: As a new type of processed products for the printing and dyeing, nanocoating has excellent characteristics such as high stability, high added value, and meeting environmental protection requirements, owning broad application prospects. Based on the introduction of the preparation method of …

Research Progress of Nanomaterials in Textile Functional Finishing

2020/4/30 20:17:23

Abstract: Textile functional finishing is one of the important ways to meet the needs of life. The surface effect, small size effect and quantum size effect of nanomaterials can endow textiles with high added value and versatility. This paper introduced the classification and preparation methods of n…

Flexibility and Multi-objective Production of Intelligent Manufacturing of China’s Chemical Fiber Industry

2020/3/30 15:43:30

Abstract: As the development of China’s chemical fiber industry entering into the new normal, the extensive development mode, which mainly relies on resource input and scale expansion, has been killed.Therefore, accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing in China’s chemical fiber ind…

Progress and Prospect of Sustainable Technology for Packaging Polyester Industry Chain

2020/3/2 20:53:28

Abstract: Polyester has been widely used in the field of retail packaging bottles (disposable bottles and durable bottles), sheet materials (vacuum forming pack), and film, etc. This paper introduced related technologies, including bio-based raw materials, optimization process of synthesis technology…

Discussion on Automatic Information Technology of Weaving Preparation and Weaving Equipment

2019/12/19 11:30:30

Abstract: In order to promote the intelligent development of the textile industry and improve international competitiveness, the paper starts from the weaving preparation and weaving process, including their technical innovation, efficient match-making of processes, and intelligent central control ma…

Technical Progress of Weaving Equipment in ITMA 2019

2019/12/19 11:29:01

Abstract: The paper reviews the highlights of key weaving equipment enterprises at the ITMA 2019, including automated and intelligent winding machines efficient and practical warping machines, energysaving and efficient sizing machines, and automated drawing-in frames, high-speed opening equipment,an…
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