Spinning Technology

Automation and Intelligent Technology Promote the Sustainable Development of Spinning Enterprises

2019/4/15 17:28:51

Abstract: This paper introduces the characteristics and trends of textile equipment technology presented at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018, evaluates and analyses the technological innovations of ring spinning, rotor spinning, air-jet vortex spinning and main auxiliary machines in recent years and their …

Discussion of Related Technological Parameters Based on Suitable Fiber Length on Cotton Comber

2019/4/15 17:27:48

Abstract: The paper discussed the process parameter settings related to the length of the suitable fiber, and analyzed theoretically the relations between suitable fiber length with cylinder location as well as forward motion timing of detaching roller. The paper obtained suitable scope of fiber leng…

Feasibility Study on Industrial Application of Super-high-draft Ring Spinning Frame

2019/2/25 16:41:17

Abstract: This paper briefly introduced the development of the production efficiency of the ring spinning preparation process and the application of the sliver direct-spinning technology. It analyzed the influence of the super-high-draft open-end spinning and the drafting of the ring spinning on the …

Study on the Production Technology of Semi-worsted Cotton Slub Yarn

2019/1/10 16:52:21

Abstract: The paper mainly introduces the combination of slub yarn and semi-worsted technology, and discusses the process of slub yarn from collecting to spinning. In order to ensure the yarn strength and other quality indicators, carding, drawing, spinning all require optimized equipment, so as to e…

The Effect of the Combing Machine’s Cylinder Tooth Top Abrasion on Carding Effect

2018/10/19 17:49:17

Abstract: The wear of the tooth top of the combing machine’s cylinder will reduce the puncture ability for flock, which will also weaken the separation, straightening and parallel effect of the cylinder on the fiber.The paper conducts a comparative research on the combing quality and yarn quality of…

Construction of Three-channel Digital Spinning Transmission System and Analysis on Forming Mechanism of NC Spinning

2018/10/19 17:47:43

Abstract: The paper detailed introduces the components and principle of drive system and control system of ring-spun three-channel digital spinning machine, analyzes the mechanism of on-line and off-line regulation of yarn blending ratio, linear density and twist, and establishes methods of spinning …

Technological Innovation and Development Trend of New-type Air Jet Vortex-spun Yarn

2018/8/16 11:25:39

Abstract: This paper analyzes the advantages of air-jet vortex spinning technology and its drawbacks in production. In order to avoid homogeneous competition and expand its application fields in the downstream, air-jet vortex spinning enterprises must accelerate product structure adjustment, and deve…

An Analysis on Specially-spun Ultra-fine Combed Long-staple Cotton Yarn: Yarn Breakage and Optimization of Process

2018/5/14 16:20:10

Abstract: The paper addresses the problem of higher natural breakage in the spinning process of 4.2 tex long-staple cotton yarn. By analyzing the properties of raw material, adjusting process parameters and inspecting the condition of equipment, it is found out that for long-staple cotton with higher…

Design Principles of Flexible Card Clothing

2018/5/14 16:19:14

Abstract: The paper introduces the principle of flexible carding and proposes solutions for improving carding quality. For flexible carding, it is required that the fibers, after being carded and stretched, should be straight and parallel; the card clothing should be designed in the principle of thin…

Current Status and Development Strategies of Major Spinning Machinery Accessories in China

2018/4/17 10:39:41

Abstract: The paper analyzed the current development status of typical spinning machinery accessories including card clothing, rubber roller and apron, air splicer, ring traveler and bobbin as well as reed, heald frame, temple roller and ribbon for shuttle-less looms; introduced some innovative devel…
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