Fiber Technology

Research Progress of Functional Viscose Fibers

2018/10/19 17:46:27

Abstract: The paper carried out a study on the processing mechanism and application status of four functional viscose fibers, i.e., phase-change viscose fibers, deodorizing antibacterial viscose fibers, anti-mosquito viscose fibers and anion viscose fibers, so as to provide a theoretical reference fo…

Latest Developments of Man-made Fiber Pilot Facility

2018/10/19 17:45:07

Abstract: Pilot facility is the significant stage for new products to realize commercialization and enter into market rapidly. The paper introduces the revolution of the technology and configuration of man-made fiber pilot facility and the application of new man-made fiber products, including wet spi…

Comparision of Rheological Behavior of Halogen-free Flame-retardant PA6 and Conventional PA6

2018/9/20 17:07:39

Abstract: Halogen-free flame-retardant PA6 is a polymer obtained by modifying conventional PA6 and is suitable for processing into flame-retardant fiber. This paper compared the rheological behavior of halogen-free flame-retardant PA6 and conventional PA6, and found that halogen-free flame-retardant …

Application Progress of Flexible Conductive Fibers in Wearable Equipment

2018/9/20 17:04:35

Abstract: As the ideal carrier of intelligent wearable equipment, garment can meet the market demand of light weight, high flexibility, and strong conductivity, which also let flexible conductive fibers receive extensive attention and made substantial research progress. This paper reviews the previou…

Technology and Application Status-quo of Polysulfonamide Fiber

2018/8/16 11:24:25

Abstract: Polysulfonamide fiber is a domestically produced high-performance fiber with proprietary intellectual property rights, which has excellent high temperature resistance and flame retardant property.This paper introduces its R&D status, chemical structure and performance characteristics, a…

Development of Nanofiber-based PM2.5 Filter Material Based on Watersoluble Polymer

2018/8/16 11:21:12

Abstract: PAA and PVA blended nanofiber membranes were prepared by electrospinning and heat treated. The nanofibrous membranes were characterized by SEM and FTIR, and their hydrolysis resistance and filtration performance were evaluated. The results showed that the optimum spinning mass fraction of P…

Production of Coal-based Ethylene Glycol and Its Application to PET Fiber

2018/6/13 9:49:25

Abstract: The paper introduced two processes of ethylene glycol produced from coal, that is Methanol to Olefin (MTO) and Dimethyl Oxalate process, and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages in terms of reaction principle, equipment investment and product quality, etc. The author also introduced …

Progress in the Development and Application of Polyimide Fiber

2018/5/14 16:18:01

Abstract: Polyimide fiber is a new member of the high-performance fibers family, which has a number of outstanding properties such as high-tenacity & high-modulus, corrosion-resistant, high- and low-temperature resistant. Over the past few years, with the improvement of synthesizing technology, t…

Structural Design and Product Development of Moistureabsorbent & Sweat-exhausting Polyester Fiber

2018/5/14 16:16:35

Abstract: The paper investigates the moisture-absorbing and sweat-exhausting process of fabric and the capillary effect when sweat diffusing in fabric. It claims that improving the hydrophilic property of fabric and the capillary effect between fibers in the fabric is an effective measure for improvi…

Recent Progress in the Technologies and Application of Multi-component Fibers

2018/4/17 10:32:19

Abstract: Bi-component or multi-component fibers are prepared from two or more polymers with different chemical and physical structures. Depending on the different properties of polymer and additives, multicomponent fibers display different functions, such as thermo-bondable, self-crimping, self-clea…
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